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H-1B case:
06 Sep 2017
06 Sep 2017
27 Nov 2017
employee employer relationship and speciality occupation
18 Jan 2018
19 Apr 2018
225 days
20 Jan 2018
19 Apr 2018
upgraded to premium on 14 april 2018.waiting for reason.

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Posted by rakeshmishra36
26 Feb 2018 #1
Could you please share SOC code and Wage level?
Posted by gp20
26 Feb 2018 #2
when did you get RFE.
Posted by gp20
26 Feb 2018 #3
Just saw you already mentioned 11/27
Posted by shahbaz871
19 Apr 2018 #4
What is denial reason ?
Posted by yourfriend81
20 Apr 2018 #5
I got the same RFEs and denied last month. My employer never gave me the actual denial reason. As a result I left the employer.
Posted by easydeal
21 Apr 2018 #6
Hi kunalks2003. Sorry to see your denial. What was the denial reason if you know?
Posted by kunalks2003
21 Apr 2018 #7
will update if i get the reason.
Posted by kunalks2003
24 Apr 2018 #8
it was rejected as it is not speciality occupation according to uscis

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