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H-1B case: Approved in 216 days (-128 days more than average)
15 Dec 2017
18 Dec 2017
24 Apr 2018
Specialty Occupation
10 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018
216 days
14 Feb 2018
30 Jul 2018

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Posted by sirby
25 Apr 2018 #1

Any updates on your case. My date is 22 Dec and haven;t received anyupdate.

Posted by rvanda
02 May 2018 #2
Hi calyan
May I know when do you got the RFE ?
My case also filed in same day and I don’t see any update on my case.
Posted by Calyan
02 May 2018 #3
The attorney received RFE by mail on 05/01, with RFE issued date of 04/24.
Posted by rvanda
02 May 2018 #4
Thanks for info
My case status changed to document was mailed in February and my attorney saying that it was related to receipt number but I got the receipt number in dec itself.
Don’t know what’s going in my case
Posted by Calyan
04 May 2018 #5
Hi rvanda,

Did you check the status on http://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov as here in this portal you will have access to case history? So it may give you some insight as to what are the sequence of events happened on your case.

Also, you can ask your attorney to just share the mail communication received in February(which he was referring to as receipt notice). So this document will have the issue date of Feb and clears all ur confusion around.
Posted by rvanda
04 May 2018 #6
Yesterday my case went to RFE but I dont know what was the RFE yet.
Posted by H1BEXTNRFE
10 Jul 2018 #7
Any update for you Calyan?
Posted by rvanda
10 Jul 2018 #8
I got spaciality occupation RFE and we are about to responding RFE
Posted by Calyan
11 Jul 2018 #9
My RFE response replied by attorney was July 09 & Received by USCIS July 10
Posted by H1BEXTNRFE
11 Jul 2018 #10
Applied in Premium?
Posted by Calyan
21 Jul 2018 #11
@ H1BEXTNRFE - It's regular processing only

@ everyone looking for an update
Looks like my case was approved based on the details on 'https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov' website, but awaiting confirmation from my attorney once their office received a hard copy of approval notice.
I will update tracker once I receive the confirmation from Attorney.
Posted by zoolur
21 Jul 2018 #12
Congrats calyan. What was your educational background. And what was the rfe about in sepeciality occupation
Posted by Calyan
21 Jul 2018 #13
RFE is about Speciality Occupation
"You have not shown the position offered to the beneficiary is a speciality occupation. You may submit additional evidence to satisfy this requirement."
Posted by zoolur
21 Jul 2018 #14
What is ur educational degree ? And what domain do you work ?
Posted by decemberkicks
25 Jul 2018 #15
@Calyan I am on the same boat, what details did you submit to prove it?
Posted by Calyan
25 Jul 2018 #16
My Attorney only requested me detailed Job responsibilities & Org Chart - the rest of the response was handled by them directly in coordination with my employer.
Posted by decemberkicks
25 Jul 2018 #17
@Calyan Thanks and congrats to you :) which law firm is your working with?
Posted by AS400
26 Jul 2018 #18
Hi. Congrats.

Are you from Computer science background? What was your Soc Code and wage level?
Posted by Calyan
27 Jul 2018 #19
SOC:15.1199, WL:3, MS:CSE

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