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H-1B case: Approved in 42 days (45 days less than average)
14 Feb 2018
15 Feb 2018
26 Feb 2018
Speciality Occupation
22 Mar 2018
28 Mar 2018
42 days
21 Feb 2018
28 Mar 2018
Applied H1+H4+H4EAD together

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Posted by vsh2003
06 Mar 2018 #1
Hi... Did you receive your RFE questions? I am still waiting on mine and was curious if you got it
Posted by mnex
28 Mar 2018 #2
My attorney got approval email this morning and it is approved for three years based on I-140 approval notice
Posted by vsh2003
28 Mar 2018 #3
congrats mnex!! :). May i know which is the law firm working on your case? Is it Fragomen?
Posted by mnex
28 Mar 2018 #4
Thank you vsh2003, Law firm is not Fragomen it is Morgan
Posted by permbal
28 Mar 2018 #5
Congrats mnex!! When did your rfe reach USCIS? and all cases got approved at the same time? Mine is also similar case and my rfe reached uscis on monday 26th.
Posted by easydeal
28 Mar 2018 #6
congrats mnex
do you know what was submitted in RFE response for Specialty occupation?
Posted by mnex
28 Mar 2018 #7
@permbal, we replied RFE on 20/Mar but USCIS updated received date as 22/Mar and got approval today. Note: H4 EAD also approved but H4 ext still showing pending... as per my attorney they won't approve H4EAD unless H4 approved it is matter of online status update....

Good Luck Everyone!
Posted by mnex
28 Mar 2018 #8
@usvisas, client manager has provided a detailed letter by explaining why it is speciality occupation... that is what I heard from attorney
Posted by easydeal
28 Mar 2018 #9
Great! Is your employer a large services company like Infy, Tcs, cts, hcl, wipro?
Posted by h1bvisaex
28 Mar 2018 #10
Congrats... was the status got updated in https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/as well ?
Posted by mnex
28 Mar 2018 #11
@usvisas, nope, I work through small consulting company
Posted by mnex
28 Mar 2018 #12
@h1bvisaex, Thanks, Yes it is updated through myaccount.uscis and other generic online status not updated yet.
Posted by h1bvisaex
28 Mar 2018 #13
Cool.. Thanks a lot for you response. Good Luck
Posted by H1b7rfe
28 Mar 2018 #14
What’s your soc and wage level?
Posted by mnex
28 Mar 2018 #15
@H1b7rfe, Wage Level 4 and not sure about SOC, will update once I receive the approval copy
Posted by kunalks2003
29 Mar 2018 #16
soc code is in LCA
Posted by mnex
29 Mar 2018 #17
@kunalks2003, I meant to say I don't have LCA copy with me.
Posted by mnex
30 Mar 2018 #18
I got my H1 approval copy, here is SOC#15-1199 Level-IV Wage. Hope this helps for other folks...GOOD LUCK!
Posted by vsh2003
30 Mar 2018 #19
@ mnex - just curious if you got 3 years?
Posted by mnex
30 Mar 2018 #20
@vsh2003 - Yes, it is approved for 3 years
Posted by hisubbu
16 May 2018 #21
Curious to know how much experience you have and your educational qualification
Posted by sumsim
08 Aug 2018 #22
what is the Education?

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