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H-1B case:
26 Oct 2017
30 Oct 2017
07 Mar 2018
Education Background Speciality Occupation Employer employee relationship
22 May 2018
20 Jul 2018
267 days
05 Mar 2018
27 Jul 2018

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Posted by Jpklassic
27 Jul 2018 #1
@Srin2018: Sorry to hear about that.
Please share your role/code/wage level/education.
Posted by Staypositive25
27 Jul 2018 #2
Sorry about your denial Srini. I am with same RFE. Don't have much hopes as I am from Mechanical Engineering.

Education Background, E-E relationship and Specialty Occupation.

1) What's ur education background?
2) Reason for denial?
3) Did u submit Expert Opinion Letter from Professor?
4) Is ur employer going to refile ur H1B again?

Thanks in Advance.
Posted by Srin2018
27 Jul 2018 #3
@jpclassic My role is Software developer i dont know about code and wage level education is Bsc computers and MBA.
Posted by Srin2018
27 Jul 2018 #4
1. Eduaction Bsc comp and MBA
2.Dont know yet
3.I have submitted the expert opinion letter.
4.Yes they are going to refile once they receive the denial notice as i have my i 94 upto 2019.
Best of luck for yours.
Posted by Staypositive25
27 Jul 2018 #5
Thanks for the reply. Best of luck.
Posted by hope2022
27 Jul 2018 #6
Posted by hope2022
27 Jul 2018 #7
Staypositive25 when you got RFE and what was your SOC code and RFE reason? i am civil engineer
Posted by Staypositive25
29 Jul 2018 #8
July 10th
Posted by Staypositive25
29 Jul 2018 #9
Soc code 1132
Posted by hope2022
29 Jul 2018 #10
are your attorny planning to appeal?
Posted by astral02
30 Jul 2018 #11
Do you have to leave USA after the transfer denail? or You are staying beacuse your i 94 is valid?
Posted by H1BFASAK
15 Feb 2019 #12
@srini.. did your transfer get approved after refilling? What was the process??

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