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H-1B case: Approved in 167 days (-80 days more than average)
25 Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017
10 Apr 2018
167 days
27 Mar 2018
17 Apr 2018
Approved For 2.5 years.

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Posted by aspirant17
05 Apr 2018 #1
Any update buddy?
Posted by dk3456
05 Apr 2018 #2
My Last update was on 03/30/2018. No Changes after that, when is your I-94 getting expired ?
Posted by aspirant17
09 Apr 2018 #3
My i94 expired on oct 1st 2017. How about you?
Posted by dk3456
11 Apr 2018 #4
Mine is June, so am expecting my approval somewhere in October 2018.
Posted by aspirant17
11 Apr 2018 #5
Congratulations on your approval. Did you get an update from attorney or case status is updated on myuscis account?
Posted by dk3456
11 Apr 2018 #6
I received an email from USCIS. I also confirmed on the USCIS website. Yet to hear from Attorney and Company.
Posted by Calyan
23 Apr 2018 #7
Congratulations on your approval DK3456.

Looks like your case is among few where USCIS took complete 5 1/2 months of processing time and approved without RFE, which is good.
So wanted check with you on some information - can you please provide:
1) Have you raised the service request for outside normal processing time (or) it got processed by itself in regular?
2) Are you on FTE of Client; FTE for EC; or EVC model
3) Please share your SOC Code; Wage level; Education and Major field.

Posted by dk3456
23 Apr 2018 #8
1) No I didn't. It was just regular.
2) I work as FTE in EC model.
3) 15-1132, Level 2, Masters in Software Engineering. Bachelors in Electronics and Communication.

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