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H-1B case: Approved in 118 days (-31 days more than average)
27 Mar 2018
28 Mar 2018
23 Jul 2018
118 days
27 Mar 2018
23 Jul 2018
this morning got SMS and email from new web site(https://my.uscis.gov/account/applicant) for Case status updated. Checked and it shows approved. SOC Code: 15-1121, Wage Level- 2 , Good Luck Guys, I pray everyone will get approval

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Posted by Chkstatus157
23 Jul 2018 #1
Posted by runu17
23 Jul 2018 #2
Posted by runu17
23 Jul 2018 #3
Still, H4 dependent case shows in pending status. I Hope this will also go through.
Posted by PRext
23 Jul 2018 #4
Congratulations !... Is your educational background CS or non CS?
Posted by runu17
23 Jul 2018 #5
Mechanical Engineering
Posted by PRext
23 Jul 2018 #6

Once again congratulations !
Posted by himabindu
23 Jul 2018 #7
Posted by himabindu
23 Jul 2018 #8
how did you get alerts from new website
Posted by runu17
24 Jul 2018 #9
Register to Web Site " https://my.uscis.gov/account/applicant"
Enter your Petition Number and Go to Settings and add notification method as Email and Message. Any activity happens on your petition you will get notified by SMS or email.
Posted by jarajara
24 Jul 2018 #10
@runu17 how many years of experience you have? Now a days they are checking too much on education background I guess. I am also worried as I have also non-cs Master from US with 15-1132 SOC with WL-2.
Posted by runu17
24 Jul 2018 #11
I've 10 Year's Experience in MFG(2) + IT(7)
Posted by himabindu
31 Jul 2018 #12
How many yrs you got the approval?
Posted by mkyathal
15 Aug 2018 #13
Hello runu17,
How long it took to update the approved status in the old website https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do?
When did your employer/attorney got the approval email from USCIS after showing as approved in new website https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov?
Appreciate your response.
Posted by runu17
21 Aug 2018 #14
just 1-year approval
Posted by runu17
21 Aug 2018 #15
The old website is still showing Case was received. The employer got approval email on the same day
Posted by kpgsm608
15 Mar 2019 #16
was the RFE updated in portal?

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