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H-1B case: Pending for 2370 days (-2282 days more than average)
23 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017
2352 days
04 Apr 2018
05 Apr 2018
Its been more than 5 months, I have not heard anything from USCIS. Status still shows 'Case was received'

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Posted by aspirant17
04 Apr 2018 #1
Application is for transfer with extension. I'm not sure if this is the cause for the delay.
Posted by Calyan
05 Apr 2018 #2
You may want to check the status of your case by creating an account online.
Also, you may be able to inquire about your case as outside normal processing time based on your USCIS received date
Posted by aspirant17
05 Apr 2018 #3
Thanks buddy. I already have an account and tried to file an inquiry. I get the following message

Your application or petition is currently within the posted processing times. An inquiry may not be created at this time. Further information about recent processing times can be viewed on the uscis.gov webpage.

I have also tried calling USCIS but unfortuantely they want my employer to call them and not me, to check status
Posted by dk3456
05 Apr 2018 #4
When is your I-94 getting expired, filing date doesn't have anything to do with results date.
Posted by aspirant17
05 Apr 2018 #5
My i-94 expired on 1st october 2017. I do not understand when you say results date has nothing to do with filing date as the processing times in uscis precisely talk about the response date based on filing date, per my understanding
Posted by aspirant17
06 Apr 2018 #6
My I94 expirty date - October 1st 2017
Status as of September 30 , 2017 - Extension approved VISA till 2019 from company A
Status as of October 23 , 2017 - Filed H1B from Company B and started working with receipt
Status as of December 15 , 2017 - Company A revoked its H1B.
Status as of today - Case was received on october 23.

What are the chances of my case??
Posted by dk3456
10 Apr 2018 #7
You have only two chances.
In case, if they approve your case, you don't have any issues.
If they reject yours, you need to go back to home country.
You could have upgraded to premium in late November.
Mostly your case will get approved.
Posted by Calyan
18 Apr 2018 #8
Hello aspirant17,

Generally, case inquiry is set to 5 months, in today's example it's Nov 18, 2018, while the normal processing window is 3.5-5.5 months from filing date.
Outside Normal processing inquiry may work for you now, as your filing date is now even outside of the normal processing window of 3.5-5.5 months. Because earlier when you checked its outside the case inquiry date but still within the 3.5-5.5 month normal processing time - check and let us know (I couldn't try as I still don't qualify to raise inquiry based on my filing dates).
Posted by aspirant17
18 Apr 2018 #9
Hi Calyan,

Thanks for the info. I still see the same status. I think it will be activated after 6 calendar months from the date of filing.

Posted by TrackApp
26 Nov 2018 #10
Hello aspirant17,
Any update on your case?

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