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H-1B case:
18 May 2018
21 May 2018
23 May 2018
Speciality occupation BE(CS) India. Soc code 1199. FTE to American company. Title: QA Automation Engineer. Wage level 3. Lawyer fragomen
16 Jul 2018
25 Jul 2018
68 days
24 May 2018
26 Jul 2018

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Posted by thunderup
01 Jun 2018 #1
@KS261187 any update on the RFE?
Posted by KS261187
01 Jun 2018 #2
It is a speciality occupation as expected.
Posted by bababuntie
16 Jul 2018 #3
@KS261187 : I've got the same RFE and not sure how my attorney is going to respond as they have not asked me for any details . Is this normal ?
Posted by KS261187
16 Jul 2018 #4
This rfe is quite common nowadays. What is your soc code, wage level and title?
Posted by zoolur
20 Jul 2018 #5
GUys please post your educational background and domain ? mostly the relation matters
Posted by bababuntie
26 Jul 2018 #6
@ks261187: My wage level is 3, software applications developer.
Posted by bababuntie
26 Jul 2018 #7
Hey -Sorry to hear about your denial . Was there any specific reason ? Would appreciate if you provide us a high review of your response. Mine is an extension RFE :(
Posted by KS261187
26 Jul 2018 #8
I was expecting this denial. So no surprises. My attorneys documentation was very poor and that is the reason for the denial. Fragomen gives a damm for smaller clients and I pushed them so hard to file my rfe response even after 2 months. I just got to know the denial through uscis notification this morning. So have to wait to find the reason for the denial.
Posted by bababuntie
26 Jul 2018 #9
Is your petition active with you current employer ? If yes, you can continue to work and be on status :)
Posted by KS261187
26 Jul 2018 #10
I haven’t resigned from my current employer and I have 2 months left in my h1b. Not sure what next. This was full time transfer to my client. With all these crazy things happening, not sure I want to stay here. Better to pack my bags and leave as soon as possible.
Posted by robo2018
26 Jul 2018 #11
@KS261187 Don't lose hope. For now, get your stay extended with your current employer and try for the next opportunity.
Posted by bababuntie
26 Jul 2018 #12
Agreed, Good Luck
Posted by cristiano2
01 Aug 2018 #13
Fragomen really sucks. It took them about one year to get prewailing wage certified for my PERM and had my H1b denied once. They never respond you and try to mislead you during any process. A bunch of a**holes.

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