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12 Jun 2018
14 Jun 2018
22 Jun 2018
education eval
09 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018
36 days
18 Jun 2018
18 Jul 2018

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22 Jun 2018 #1
Hi, What time zone you received the notification?
Posted by sjc20
09 Jul 2018 #2
any update on the RFE ?
Posted by its_my_life
09 Jul 2018 #3
RFE is for education, they need education certification from university prof
Posted by sjc20
09 Jul 2018 #4
well thats strange , I got a similar RFE in spite of providing an Education Evaluation document created by a University Professor.
Posted by its_my_life
09 Jul 2018 #5
how your attorney is planning to respond? Check with your team they will be able to give info on what exact documents need to be submitted in response.
My evaluation was also from prof but almost a year old but seems they need PhD prof for evaluation.
Posted by sjc20
09 Jul 2018 #6
the evaluation was done by a PhD professor. I don't think there is a formula for acceptance, they are slapping RFE's to as many as possible.

Do you know what documents are being prepared in your case and when do they plan to respond ?
Posted by its_my_life
09 Jul 2018 #7
Did they had authority to grant college-level credit in your case, even though evaluator had PhD?
In my case attorney responded with new evaluation (including other certifications I did in software engg) that hopefully meets USCIS expectations (keeping fingers crossed). They said it is straightforward RFE.
I see other transfer and extension requests getting accepted within 15 days, so I believe they are making sure all documents exist in the desired format. I understand its frustrating but I am waiting with patience as there is nothing else we can do :)
Posted by sjc20
09 Jul 2018 #8
My attorney said the same thing , that its an easy RFE. Hoping for the best. what do you mean by 'authority' ? how do we determine if a Professor has an authority or not ?
My Attorney is keeping me out of it and says they don't need anything from end.
Posted by its_my_life
09 Jul 2018 #9
USCIS has laundry list of things to define "authority".
I am staying away from it as I won't understand the legal terms and even if I do my attorney may not listen (it would be just noise) and the response is already submitted. I am taking a chill and working business as usual.
Posted by amitgoyal
10 Jul 2018 #10
How many days did it take your attorney to get REF details after it was issued ?
Posted by KS261187
16 Jul 2018 #11
Did you see a change in status after responding to the RFE?. I see that you have replied to the RFE on the 9th, did you see a change in status the same day?
Posted by its_my_life
16 Jul 2018 #12
The response was sent end of 2nd July week, USCIS received date is 9th July. I see status updated on old link on 11th July and new link day after. Hope this helps.
Posted by sjc20
18 Jul 2018 #13
I am so sorry you have to go through this but I am hoping they have a backup plan for you for re-filing.
Let me know when you figure out the denial reason.
Things will fall in place one way or the other. Till then take care
Posted by Staypositive25
18 Jul 2018 #14
I am sorry for your denial. Hope something will workout for you.

I am in same boat with RFE on Education Evaluation (Mechanical) and yet to reply. I know its very tough to clear this RFE these days. If possible could you please let me know the reason for denial and any help in submitting in documents.

Thanks in advance. Best of luck.
Posted by its_my_life
18 Jul 2018 #15
Thanks @sjc20 & @Staypositive25 for positive and kind words.
I am not concerned much as I already have a good job. I will update this thread when I hear back from the attorney on denial reason. More concerned if it would any negative impact on future extension filing.
Strange and scary as I am in USA over 12 Yrs, having an exciting and progressive IT career, reaching technology mid-management level position in some of the leading companies in USA, not through headhunters etc. There are plenty of companies ready to hire me (if I wouldn't run into this H1b issue), I may pack our bags and focus on long-term career as opposed to living in this h1b shell, only time will tell.
good luck with your application, hope it goes through!
Posted by indiansuperman
18 Jul 2018 #16
@its_My_Life: good to know that you already have a job that you like. Could you please share - your education background (US / India) ?
Posted by its_my_life
18 Jul 2018 #17
I did my Engg in non CS branch from one of the reputed institutes in India, worked in India for 5+ years before moving here to US.
Posted by gaamab
18 Jul 2018 #18
@its_My_Life: sorry to hear this .

Non CS means is it mechanical or electrical/electronics .... i was asking since my transfer was still pending ....
Posted by zoolur
18 Jul 2018 #19
Sorry about the result friend. But could you post what is your branch in.engg and what domain you work currently so it will show some light what would be the reason. It helps thanks again
Posted by newyearseenu
18 Jul 2018 #20
Seems non-IT bachelors and working in IT (SOC Code 15-1199) is leading to denials. I had one denial recently. they think 4 yrs education is more valuable than 12 yrs experience !! how thought full !! MY attorneys say that re-evaluation of education might fix this, but I have no hopes after seeing this post. We better align our work experience with the education and be able to prove that it is specialized skill.
Posted by zoolur
18 Jul 2018 #21
I work 14+ in embedded software and background with ece. Guys do you see any issue. Extension coming up soon
Posted by its_my_life
18 Jul 2018 #22
@zoolur - Other branch doesn't matter, its just we all trying to find a reason :)

@newyearseenu - keep your hope alive. I see other petitions getting approved, just luck as few petitions are approved with non BE background as well.

Their reasoning is so lame, as back in 90s (when I got admission), CS was offered by a handful of colleges and curriculum was abstract not related to software engg or programming languages or architecture that we deal with on daily basis.
Posted by BIK1110
18 Jul 2018 #23
@ its_my_life .

Can you share the Job title for this position ?
Posted by Jpklassic
18 Jul 2018 #24
@its_my_life: is it mechanical or electrical engg?
Posted by sjc20
03 Aug 2018 #25
@its_my_life did you find out the reason for denial ?

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