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02 Jul 2018
03 Jul 2018
09 Jul 2018
1) Right to control 2) Specialty Occupation - How Mechanical Engineering is related to CS :( 3) In Status before applying the transfer
27 Sep 2018
16 Oct 2018
106 days
10 Jul 2018
21 Oct 2018

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Posted by Code4geek
12 Jul 2018 #1
How did you came to know about RFE, through attorney or through any case portals ?
Posted by Staypositive25
12 Jul 2018 #2
Yesterday it got updated in my account uscis and today my attorney received the rfe document.
Posted by ans24dec
13 Jul 2018 #3
can I ask if your visa transfer was for direct US company or for vendor company ? wanted to understand if RFE is coming for vendor or also when its getting transferred to Direct Company
Posted by Staypositive25
13 Jul 2018 #4
I am in EVC model.
Posted by decemberkicks
29 Aug 2018 #5
Did you reply your RFE yet? I have a similar RFE how Mech Degree is related to IT job. Attorney is going with expert opinion letter.
Posted by Staypositive25
29 Aug 2018 #6
My attorney is going to submit on this Friday.
Even my employer is going with expert opinion. All the best and hope for the best
Posted by decemberkicks
29 Aug 2018 #7
Same here we may also submit this Friday. All the best. Fingers crossed.
Posted by Nickrm
09 Oct 2018 #8
has the site updated to response was received?
Posted by Staypositive25
09 Oct 2018 #9
Yes old site
Posted by GoodMech
10 Oct 2018 #10
Hey Guys, Me too a Mech Engg grad and after working in India for 8 yrs, I did MBA full time (Major Subject - Systems, Minor-finance) while I was working. I dint get the degree in hand while my H1B was filed and approved (in 2016). My Extension is due in July 2019. Would you suggest me to add MBA while filing extension ? Or would that be a challenge if I file it now ?
Posted by Staypositive25
10 Oct 2018 #11
Not Sure GoodMech... If ur working in IT industry both Mechanical and MBA are not relevant to your work... So better check with ur attorney if adding MBA will help or add any additional complications.
Posted by cristiano2
12 Oct 2018 #12
any good news?
Posted by Staypositive25
12 Oct 2018 #13
Did not hear anything from my Empliyer/Attorney or no updates in either of websites. This waiting is killing.
Posted by cristiano2
12 Oct 2018 #14
I am on the same boat.
My case is received on 10/1 and neither website nor attorney has any update. It's very strange.
Posted by cristiano2
15 Oct 2018 #15
Posted by divyapp
21 Oct 2018 #16
@staypositive - Any updates? Its been over 20 days,rights?
Posted by Staypositive25
21 Oct 2018 #17
It’s denied... I submitted client... it’s from company HR department they denied stating that it should be from specific person.
Posted by divyapp
21 Oct 2018 #18
Really.what they need a client letter. So strange that they are expecting a letter from Specifi person and Hr department . It was no where in the RFE requesting for one person
Posted by divyapp
21 Oct 2018 #19
What is your back up plan now? Can you share your number. I’m on the same boat.
Posted by Staypositive25
21 Oct 2018 #20
Yeah my bad did not expect this reason atleast ... can u ping on fb Tulasivivek Meka
Posted by anih
21 Oct 2018 #21
@staypositive who is your attorney
Posted by capgeminivig
22 Oct 2018 #22
Extremely sorry to hear this, hope you dint join on receipt. Would you mind sharing the first letter of employer name?
Posted by Staypositive25
22 Oct 2018 #23
Posted by awscsa
31 Oct 2018 #24
What plan do you have now ?
Posted by awscsa
31 Oct 2018 #25
Is your i94 expired ?
Posted by awscsa
31 Oct 2018 #26
Yes aug 27.

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