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H-1B case: Approved in 37 days (51 days less than average)
27 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018
05 Jul 2018
Client Letter/SOW Client has 'Specialty Occupation' work
27 Jul 2018
03 Aug 2018
37 days
03 Aug 2018
03 Aug 2018
1st Extension, Same Employer. Working in EC model - IT. Client is one of big 4. Provided client letter after lot of hand-wringing. MS in Elec Engg. NOTE: Please add ur case and experiences to tracker. It helped me a lot and gave me confidence.

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Posted by friendlyshiva
06 Aug 2018 #1
What details was provided in the Client letter ? Have you provide the duration expected ?
Posted by bokks
07 Aug 2018 #2
Just the project name and the start date, which was 2 yrs back... they mentioned that its a long term project... no end date was provided
Posted by bababuntie
07 Aug 2018 #3

I got the speciality occupation RFE. Planning to submit Detailed job duties, responsibilities, relation to coursework and how complex the position is etc. do you think this should be sufficient ?
Posted by balurk
07 Aug 2018 #4
First of all Congrats, since no end date was provided for how long you got the petition approval end date?
Posted by bokks
07 Aug 2018 #5
@balurk 3 yrs
Posted by bokks
07 Aug 2018 #6
@ bababuntie Yes... those should be sufficient... try to provide code snippets with ur audit information

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