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H-1B case:
09 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018
Employee-Employer Relationship and Speciality Occupation
18 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018
10 Aug 2018
77 days
15 Aug 2018
25 Oct 2018
got the message today that my extension was denied

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Posted by indopt
15 Aug 2018 #1
how did you know the check was cashed? did the lawyer tell you?
Posted by siddeshwar27
15 Aug 2018 #2
It was debited from my account
Posted by goodnessme
24 Aug 2018 #3
Any update on your case? My H1B was filed in PP and clock started on Aug 10th but no update as of today
Posted by arun27
24 Aug 2018 #4
Still the same status as of today, hopefully will get some update soon
Posted by visah1bimmi
28 Aug 2018 #5
When did you receive update? Is it updated in uscis website ? Or employee emailed?
Posted by arun27
28 Aug 2018 #6
today morning from my employer, uscis website still shows the same status on 8/10
Posted by peter16
25 Oct 2018 #7
Are you applying extension again?
Posted by vass123
25 Oct 2018 #8
@arun27, sorry to hear that. what was your edu background, soc code , wage level, and is it for FTE or EC model?
Posted by arun27
25 Oct 2018 #9
its EVC model, Soc 15-1132, Level 3 wage, same client for last 3 years and it was extension. Electronics Engineering, with 18 years IT experience and 10+ years in US. I am devasted, have to move back in January as my current I94 expires
Posted by divyapp
25 Oct 2018 #10
@arun27 - is Speciality occupation on position or education ?
Posted by TransferCase
26 Oct 2018 #11
Sorry to hear that..

To me, It looks like more an employee-employer relationship denial than specialty occupation.

Hope you find any other way soon.
Posted by arun27
26 Oct 2018 #12
yes, that is what I am thinking. Now have to wait for a week or two to know the actual reason and take the next step
Posted by venkat54
26 Oct 2018 #13
anyone received 2nd RFE after submission of 1st at nebraska filed in premium ?
Posted by arun27
29 Oct 2018 #14
H4 and EAD shows as denied, H1 is still showing as in progress. Attorney says he hasn't got any email/fax
Posted by divyapp
29 Oct 2018 #15
@arun27 what docs did you submit? Did you prove client letter? Can you share what exactly the RFE is?
Posted by arun27
29 Oct 2018 #16
RFE was for employee employer relatioship & Specality occupation. Provided Client & Vendor Letter, PO, Weekly status report and performance appraisal, Job duties with % on each task, Expert Opinion Letter and Education evaluation letter from professor
Posted by divyapp
08 Nov 2018 #17
Did you know the denial reason?

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