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H-1B case: Approved in 6 days (81 days less than average)
15 Aug 2018
16 Aug 2018
21 Aug 2018
6 days
22 Aug 2018
22 Aug 2018
Senior qa automation engineer Wage level 4 soc code 1199 bachelors in computer science.

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Posted by hphp
22 Aug 2018 #1
Congracts ....Can you please share you WAC excluding last 2 numbers to get an idea on what sequence is being processed
Posted by goodnessme
27 Aug 2018 #2

Could you please share the list of documents submitted with your petition to support specialty occupation
Posted by goodnessme
27 Aug 2018 #3
Mine was filed in Premium with California Service Center . SOC COde 15-1199 and I received specialty occupation rfe eve after submitting detail job duties with percentage..
Posted by KS261187
27 Aug 2018 #4
My first h1b transfer was denied for the SOC Code but with wage level 3 but again the job duties was not that great and also because of the attorney who messed up my case big time. I tried a transfer to another company and they did with a wage level 4, same soc code and better job duties and it went through fine. The key thing here is the job duties that i can think off and the wage level, where the one that got denied was level 3 and the one that got approved was level 4. But since you have mentioned that you have a real good job duties not sure what else i could think off.
Posted by goodnessme
27 Aug 2018 #5
ok, thank you!

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