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H-1B case: Approved in 92 days (-5 days more than average)
07 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018
21 Sep 2018
Proof\Evidence for the following Employer - Employee relation SOW Job Duties\Qualification\Duration Reporting
06 Dec 2018
08 Dec 2018
92 days
13 Sep 2018
10 Dec 2018
At last I got it approved on 12/8.

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Posted by H1B_I140
21 Sep 2018 #1
any update on your case?
Posted by kichooze
24 Sep 2018 #2
I got RFE on 9/21. Reason not yet known.
Posted by yclma26
25 Sep 2018 #3
HI @kichooze,

Is your I-94 still valid or ur H1B extension is pending with current employer?
Posted by kichooze
25 Sep 2018 #4
I have valid i-94 till 2021 with the current employer. I heard back from my attorney that my new employer need to give some documents to be submitted (Not sure what it is) for the RFE. I believe it might be some tax documents to show that they are in good standing.
Posted by kichooze
02 Oct 2018 #5
My attorney confirmed. The RFE has not yet been submitted. My employer still has to reply.
Posted by Raju25
13 Dec 2018 #6
Hi kichooze,

After replying for RFE, did your case status got changed.
For me as per attorney RFE replied on Dec 10th, but still showing old status as RFE mailed.
Posted by kichooze
17 Dec 2018 #7
@Raju25. It took 4 days to change the status. Also even though I got the approval email the USCIS still says "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received". It is more than a week after the approval bu the status in website not changed.
Posted by Raju25
17 Dec 2018 #8
@kichooze - Thank you for the update.
Posted by csat83
17 Dec 2018 #9
How did you get to know the approval? Lawfirm gets any approval email?

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