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H-1B case: Approved in 226 days (-138 days more than average)
10 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018
25 Feb 2019
Education Evaluation - BE in Electronics and Communication Engg (Indai) and Masters in Computer Engg (USA)
22 May 2019
24 May 2019
226 days
22 Oct 2018
28 May 2019
Additional info as this is special case. H1+H4+H4EAD. My wife left to India in April when application still pending. Responded to RFE on May 22th and upgraded to PP. All cases were approved on May 24th and EAD card is ordered while she is still in India.

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Posted by gcgiveme
26 Oct 2018 #1
Did you get your receipt yet?
Posted by h1b_Oct2018
26 Oct 2018 #2
Not yet. Still same status.
Posted by h1buserUSA
30 Oct 2018 #3
How long it took to get the filing receipt , the WAC number?
Posted by h1b_Oct2018
30 Oct 2018 #4
I got the WAC number from the attorney from the back of the check deposited. Still, the attorney is waiting on official receipt notice. I will update here as soon as I get more info.
Posted by h1b_Oct2018
30 Oct 2018 #5
@h1buserUSA and @gcgiveme - can you tell me since when are you waiting for official receipt notice? Thx
Posted by h1b_Oct2018
30 Oct 2018 #6
Got a word from the attorney that they received receipt notice for I129 only today (10/30).
Posted by h1buserUSA
30 Oct 2018 #7
mine filed on 10/23. Waiting for the receipt.
With out the receipt how they got the WAC number.?
Posted by h1b_Oct2018
30 Oct 2018 #8
Employer or attorney can check with the bank - if filing fees cheque was deposited then back of the cheque will have the case number.
Posted by naren14
03 Nov 2018 #9
@ h1b_Oct2018 - Were you able to track your receipt number on the new website(dhs.gov) /Old website (egov.uscis)?
Posted by h1b_Oct2018
04 Nov 2018 #10
Yes I am able to track my h1b case on both sites but I can track h4 and h4 ead only on dhs.gov.
Posted by naren14
04 Nov 2018 #11
I am able to see the status as "We received your case" on the new website but on old website i cant see the receipt status, it says invalid Receipt #
Posted by mauane
18 Dec 2018 #12
Any update on your case?
Posted by h1b_Oct2018
18 Dec 2018 #13
Posted by ccc123
16 Jan 2019 #14
Any update?
Posted by mauane
22 Feb 2019 #15
Any update on your case?

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