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H-1B case: Approved in 170 days (-83 days more than average)
16 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018
06 Dec 2018
Not yet known. Saw today on Case status
20 Mar 2019
04 Apr 2019
170 days
23 Oct 2018
12 Apr 2019
15-1199 - SOC Code (Lead Architect) , Wage level 3. I initially thought , It is denied but actually It was my bad. I checked with a wrong Case ID that time. Now the case is officially approved till MSA End date.

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Posted by rasv2
07 Dec 2018 #1
? was the RFE about ? are you working as an FTE ? terrible you'd receive an RFE at wage level 3 !
Posted by SA8724
11 Dec 2018 #2
any update on your case?
Posted by Yogin8
14 Dec 2018 #3
I have received RFE today too. It’s FTE and will wait for RFE reason .
Posted by dangerjoke
26 Dec 2018 #4
is your degree in CS?
Posted by TransferCase
19 Jan 2019 #5
No idea on my RFE. Did not contact the employer yet.
No. I am from Mechanical Engg background.
This is for Consulting (Indian Top MNC)
Posted by devgod
29 Mar 2019 #6
Sorry to see the rejection for you..Was following your case as its very similar to mine.. Applied 23rd Oct..RFE 6th Dec..I guess the last date for reply was 2nd march.. Even my response was delayed as RFE took a lot of time to reach attorney due to Chrismas, NY season.
Posted by TransferCase
29 Mar 2019 #7
My case was not premium , I am surprised to see decision within 5-6 days of RFE response. I doubt RFE response delay could be the reason.

Funny thing is a week back, H1B extension in my current organization got approved from Nebraska for 3 years.

Good that I am still in the old organization. :)
Posted by TransferCase
12 Apr 2019 #8
Actually my case is "Approved" and not Denied. I initially was looking an incorrect Case Number.

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