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H-1B case: Approved in 78 days (10 days less than average)
19 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018
06 Dec 2018
78 days
02 Nov 2018
15 Dec 2018
Both the UCSIS site shows pending and one of the USCIS site shows approved for my dependents. Got email from the lawyer today and received the soft copy of approval. Its FTE.

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Posted by iamnarendran
26 Nov 2018 #1
Any updates on your case ?
Posted by anushka12
06 Dec 2018 #2
Not yet....keeping fingers crossed.
Posted by anushka12
08 Dec 2018 #3
Today morning I got email from [email protected] which says that " We have taken action on your case and please sign in to your account to view the status" Once I signed in I could see that the I 539 (H4) for my dependents says APPROVED on 7th December but my case still shows " we have received your case"
Does that mean my I -129 too is also approved and its not updated in the system.
Posted by iamnarendran
11 Dec 2018 #4
Hi Anushka12, Mine has been the opposite. My lawyer send the approval copies for the H1. but we have not heard anything on the H4. not sure why.
Posted by raghumian
11 Dec 2018 #5
Any update on your h1?
Posted by rasv2
11 Dec 2018 #6
Hi Any update here ?
Posted by anushka12
11 Dec 2018 #7
Not yet ..as I said H4 is approved on 7th dec and its shown in the USCIS my account website but H1 nope. Also My lawyer have not received any update on the H4 approval.
Posted by anushka12
15 Dec 2018 #8
Finally got approval email from the lawyer yesterday and my case for H1 and dependents H4 both got approved on the 6th Dec.

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