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H-1B case: Approved in 112 days (-24 days more than average)
07 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018
09 Jan 2019
Specialty Occupation; Converted to Premium
15 Feb 2019
27 Feb 2019
112 days
26 Nov 2018
27 Feb 2019

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Posted by ajaydhingra1
28 Dec 2018 #1
any update on your case?
Posted by rasv2
29 Dec 2018 #2
nothing yet
Posted by indianlegend19
11 Jan 2019 #3
do you generally how long does it take to get the RFE receipt in the mail? I am thinking 5 to 6 business days.
Posted by h1b-transfer
30 Jan 2019 #4
Any update?
Posted by imthi
27 Feb 2019 #5
Congrats...did you upgrade to PP...
Posted by newtrasfer
27 Feb 2019 #6
Is yours FT or EVC type of employment?
Posted by rasv2
27 Feb 2019 #7
thanks ! this is a FT and I did upgrade to PP
Posted by pgor
28 Feb 2019 #8
I also received speciality occupation RFE can you please tell us which supporting documents you submitted while replying to RFE.
Posted by h1b-transfer
04 Mar 2019 #9
In how many days after upgrading to PP did you get approval?
Posted by rasv2
06 Mar 2019 #10
Was all through the attorney tbh. It was primarily around expanding on the job description as well as allocating a % of time spent around those tasks .Would recommend working with your manager

Received approval 5 days after PP

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