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H-1B case: Approved in 64 days (23 days less than average)
17 Oct 2018
18 Oct 2018
20 Dec 2018
64 days
28 Nov 2018
22 Dec 2018
Under Grad - Computer Science Masters - Computer Science Wage level 3 Soc - 15-1132 (Sr. Software Eng.) Position - Full time

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Posted by ajaydhingra1
13 Dec 2018 #1
any update on this?
Posted by SA8724
13 Dec 2018 #2
Not Yet :(
Posted by mastersguy
17 Dec 2018 #3
Any update?
Posted by SA8724
17 Dec 2018 #4
Not Yet..crazy USCIS :( .. some people who got filed after me are getting approval.
Posted by 1username
17 Dec 2018 #5
Same here. Receipt date is for Oct 9th. There are folks from August also who are still waiting. No idea what is happening.
Posted by mastersguy
20 Dec 2018 #6
Any update?
Posted by SA8724
20 Dec 2018 #7
not yet :(
Posted by ajaydhingra1
22 Dec 2018 #8
Congrats!! Party!!
Posted by SA8724
22 Dec 2018 #9
Thanks,.. :). Hope yours get approved soon
Posted by ajaydhingra1
22 Dec 2018 #10
Posted by mastersguy
22 Dec 2018 #11
How did you know?
Posted by SA8724
22 Dec 2018 #12
@ mastersguy - I checked on new uscis website. Old website still says case received.
Posted by g4gps
26 Dec 2018 #13
How many years approved?
Posted by SA8724
26 Dec 2018 #14
3 yrs
Posted by mani2m
27 Dec 2018 #15
what is the url for new USCIS website
Posted by SA8724
27 Dec 2018 #16
Posted by mani2m
27 Dec 2018 #17
I use to use below url for status tracking :-


Is this is the one you are talking about ?

I didn't see options to track case under:-


Posted by SA8724
27 Dec 2018 #18
Yes the one you are using is the old one and it's not showing updated case status. The one I sent is the new one and you will have to create account over there and register your case number to check status
Posted by mani2m
27 Dec 2018 #19
Ok. Thanks. I guess I found it. The link is as below:-


Between congratulations for your H1 approval. Indeed it is very fast. I am waiting from Sep14. Till no reply.
Posted by mani2m
03 Jan 2019 #20
I see my case is approved on 31st on new website. But my dependent case still shows as received. How long it took for you to get the approval copy after it is updated as approved.

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