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H-1B case: Approved in 201 days (-113 days more than average)
10 Oct 2018
15 Oct 2018
20 Feb 2019
Prove B.Tech is of 4 years. Beneficiary Qualification. Previous transfer was still pending and I transferred to new employer, USCIS was saying they won't approve case until decision is made on previous transfer.
17 Apr 2019
29 Apr 2019
201 days
14 Dec 2018
29 Apr 2019
Just checked the status on uscis.gov and it says that the case has been transferred to another center. However my account DHS doesn't have this update in Case History section.

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Posted by razazi
20 Dec 2018 #1
Any update there buddy?
Posted by h1bext123
20 Dec 2018 #2
No updates yet, going by the current trends I don't expect an update in another 10 months.
Posted by razazi
20 Dec 2018 #3
Vermont is very fast buddy. It just the California Center which effed up.
Posted by h1bext123
20 Dec 2018 #4
Mine is California. Also I feel they won't open Premium on 19th Feb.
Posted by razazi
20 Dec 2018 #5
Mine in Cali too. Dont be too negative buddy.
Posted by razazi
20 Dec 2018 #6
It will come soon
Posted by akhil.ajwani
15 Jan 2019 #7
Just checking if you received any update.
Posted by h1bext123
15 Jan 2019 #8
Nothing, no updates.
Posted by KVG78
29 Apr 2019 #9
Congrats for ur approval. what is B.tech specialization ? is it computers or others. are you trasfered to Full time or EVC Model?
Posted by h1bext123
29 Apr 2019 #10
It's Mechanical Engineering. Transferred Full Time.
Posted by dswathy
30 Apr 2019 #11
@h1bext123 :

Could you please share all the sample document (format) that is submitted as RFE to my email [email protected] .

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