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H-1B case: Approved in 87 days (-0 days more than average)
08 Jan 2019
09 Jan 2019
07 Mar 2019
Specialty Occupation( Role Based Letter)
26 Mar 2019
05 Apr 2019
87 days
22 Jan 2019
26 Apr 2019
04/05: Case Approved-Old website Status updated, Approved till Dec 2021 Matched LCA Date 03/26: RFE Resp Submit by Employer, Don't know the reason 03/14: Specialty Occupation 02/01: Case Was Transferred from California to Vermont

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Posted by Vk2021
04 Feb 2019 #1
Where application has transferred to?
Posted by runu17
05 Feb 2019 #2
Don't know, will get to know next week once we get physical notice
Posted by runu17
05 Feb 2019 #3
Don't know, will get to know next week once we get physical notice
Posted by runu17
05 Feb 2019 #4
Don't know, will get to know next week once we get physical notice
Posted by trackitth1b
01 Mar 2019 #5
Have you done in premium?
Posted by runu17
03 Mar 2019 #6
No, this is in Normal Process
Posted by nutpar
29 Mar 2019 #7
@runu17 Could you please share your SOC code , wage level and Which immigration firm is handling you case? Was it specialty occupation RFE or details were not provided to you?
Posted by runu17
01 Apr 2019 #8
SOC code --> 15-1121
Wage Level --> 2
Degree: Mech Engg
An employer using their Immigration Firm Don't Know about it.
RFE for the specialty occupation. No missing document.
RFE Employer Filed for Role-Based Letter
Posted by spartan14
08 Apr 2019 #9
Is this RFE still pending?? My RFE is replied around same time and I am curious?
Posted by runu17
08 Apr 2019 #10
No, RFE Submitted and Received by USICS on 26th March 2019 and on 5th April got the Status update" Case Was Approved" on Old website, New Website Still shows " We have Received Your Case"
So now I'm waiting for I797 Copy till what date they gave approval as SOW valid till 31st Dec 2019.
Posted by devgod
09 Apr 2019 #11
Did you stop getting 2 week inactivation emails which say we havent taken any decision etc from new site..i was getting them regularly but last couple of times i am not getting those emails.hence the question. For me both sites show status as rfe response was received
Posted by dhivya.velu
12 Apr 2019 #12
Hi when u replied ur rfe did u apply in normal more or in premium?
Posted by runu17
17 Apr 2019 #13
I applied in normal mode only.
Posted by raghavayamuna
22 Apr 2019 #14
Hi Runu17, As per new website "My case was approved on April 5th", but old one still saying RFE response received. I would like to check with you that when did you received your I797 copy? I mean how many days it took?
Posted by runu17
23 Apr 2019 #15
Hi raghavayamuna,

In Old website, it was approved on 5th April 2019 and my Employer got it on 16th April 2019.
Posted by pssI140
15 Jul 2019 #16
Congratulations for approval.
Are you full time employee of local company or working through one of Indian IT vendors?
Has your max out already completed and you applied based on I-140?
Is your degree in Computers/IT?
Do you have masters?
Sorry for too many questions.

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