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H-1B case: Approved in 98 days (-10 days more than average)
18 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018
24 Jan 2019
98 days
24 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019

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Posted by cont86
24 Jan 2019 #1
is your case transferred to any other center?
Posted by svk1
24 Jan 2019 #2
No, it was approved at CSC itself.
Posted by suryabh
24 Jan 2019 #3
Congrats. Do you see the update status on the website ?
Posted by svk1
24 Jan 2019 #4
Thanks! yes, I can see the status update from on the website.
Posted by havefun2017
24 Jan 2019 #5
Is it for FT position?
Posted by naanusk
24 Jan 2019 #6
Did you file for extension as well along with transfer?
Posted by svk1
24 Jan 2019 #7
yes, FT position. I guess the dates came from the new LCA which was intended for both transfer and extension.
Posted by TransferCase
25 Jan 2019 #8
Congrats ! What is your SOC Code and wage level from LCA?
Posted by svk1
25 Jan 2019 #9
15-1132 N/A
Posted by naanusk
25 Jan 2019 #10
Do SOC and wage level give any indication on the order of approvals?
Posted by abradacabra
29 Jan 2019 #11
Can you also tell at what time the uscis page was updated. thanks,
Posted by TransferCase
29 Jan 2019 #12
Posted by akashmehta10
11 Feb 2019 #13
Did you spend more than 6 years on H1-B?

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