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H-1B case: Approved in 127 days (-39 days more than average)
24 Dec 2018
26 Feb 2019
Speciality Occupation
18 Apr 2019
30 Apr 2019
127 days
26 Feb 2019
30 Apr 2019
Upgraded to Premium along with RFE response

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Posted by srpankaj12
26 Feb 2019 #1
Did your case transfer to Vermont or yours was filed in Vermont center?
Posted by rmq4f99
27 Feb 2019 #2
Transferred to Vermont from California
Posted by sna1143
22 Apr 2019 #3
any update from USCIS about the rfe response?
are you upgraded to premium when submitted rfe response?

I have submitted on Friday (04/19) with premium upgrade.
Posted by rmq4f99
22 Apr 2019 #4
No Update yet.. and yes my application was upgraded to premium when responding to RFE...
Posted by srpankaj12
30 Apr 2019 #5
Posted by ravi6775
30 Apr 2019 #6
Did your attorney receive email? My case is approved to only on the website looking forward for actual dates of approval.
Posted by ravi6775
30 Apr 2019 #7
Did you have any H4 tagged with your application?
Posted by sna1143
30 Apr 2019 #8
Yes I do have h4 applied with it.

Posted by sna1143
30 Apr 2019 #9
My attorney sent out approval confirmation email.

I have recently upgraded to premium while submitting rfe.

The dates were sent out blank on the approval email.
In fact it
Posted by rmq4f99
30 Apr 2019 #10
I got email from attorney too with the approval dates and same here with H4 it hasn't been updated yet
Posted by sna1143
01 May 2019 #11
Posted by ravi6775
01 May 2019 #12
@sna1143 - congratulations , as per my understanding based on my previous email you have been approved until 2021.

I have not seen my approval email yet from attorney , I just saw case status update on website. H4 status does not reflect change yet.

I am still aWaiting on those.
Posted by sna1143
01 May 2019 #13
Posted by ASK12
01 May 2019 #14
What all documents have you submitted to respond SO RFE?
Posted by sna1143
01 May 2019 #15
Attorney took care of everything. I know he had got expert opinion letter.

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