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H-1B case: Approved in 59 days (28 days less than average)
13 Mar 2019
13 Mar 2019
27 Mar 2019
Employer-employee relationship.
03 May 2019
11 May 2019
59 days
19 Mar 2019
12 May 2019

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Posted by SuperNova1
19 Mar 2019 #1
Do we need to submit MSA agreements between layers if we already letters from the vendors
Posted by sri7vasu
19 Mar 2019 #2
May be you need to, depends on luck. Last time when i was doing my extension although we filed the client letter they came back asking SOW/MSA along with proving employer-employee relationship. I got an RFE for that , and got it approved once we submitted MSA and employer-employee relationship.
Posted by immiworries
19 Mar 2019 #3
I don't work for consultancies. For full time jobs, the companies' lawyers don't reveal the details. They take care of things themselves. I haven't heard of any of these terms.
Posted by sri7vasu
26 Mar 2019 #4
No update yet ? Its like 13 days
Posted by immiworries
28 Mar 2019 #5
Nope. Nothing so far. What about you?
Posted by immiworries
28 Mar 2019 #6
Received RFE. Employer-employee relationship. They're prepping responses. Im sitting tight.
Posted by visahope
28 Mar 2019 #7
Sorry to hear about this.
did your status changed in USCIS case status page as well?

I am still waiting for an update.
Posted by immiworries
28 Mar 2019 #8
Portal doesn't reflect RFE. Is employer-employee relationship easy to tackle? Never got an RFE in the past so I don't know.
Posted by visahope
28 Mar 2019 #9
I think it should be easy. Not sure why you got it though since you are full-time.
Posted by immiworries
28 Mar 2019 #10
Okay, thanks for the info. Don't know why, but I'm hearing it's a stalling technique recently adopted by USCIS.
Posted by visahope
28 Mar 2019 #11
I just got RFE... updated. :( Not sure of the reason though.
Posted by abhitutun
29 Mar 2019 #12
My premium process crossed 15 days, still no update..Attorney also not responding..not sure whats the status.
Posted by chander9
08 Apr 2019 #13
hi abhitutun , have you received any update?
Posted by abhitutun
16 Apr 2019 #14
@chander9, got an RFE...no idea about the reason.
Posted by immiworries
02 May 2019 #15
The lawyer just filed the response yesterday. Waiting with fingers crossed.

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