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H-1B case: Approved in 82 days (5 days less than average)
16 Mar 2019
18 Mar 2019
02 May 2019
Speciality Occupation.
31 May 2019
06 Jun 2019
82 days
27 Mar 2019
06 Jun 2019
Extension with Change in previous employment role. Initially was filed as Regular. Changed it to Premium on 20-Apr. Got RFE on 2nd May.RFE REplied May30. Approved on June 5th.

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Posted by nn2k19
08 Jun 2019 #1
Hi rk777,

My RFE response was received by USCIS on May-30, but still USCIS (https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do) saying as "Response recieved". Can you please let me know your status got updated in this site? or in the dhs.gov site
Posted by siva97
13 Jun 2019 #2
@nn2k19, Please create account in both egov.uscis.gov and uscis.dhs.gov. Last year, I got the early update in uscis.dhs.gov. On June-2019, my RFE response has been filed and first it got updated in egov.uscis.gov and received email,message notifications.
Posted by rk777
14 Jun 2019 #3
@nn2k19 I think it was 2 days later. I also got the notification only from my lawyer first. At that time it was not updated in the USCIS Case website.

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