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H-1B case: Approved in 223 days (-136 days more than average)
03 Jan 2019
03 Jan 2019
14 Aug 2019
223 days
01 May 2019
15 Aug 2019
My Case So far 1. I94 expired on Jan 16th 2. H1 Extn filed on Jan 3rd 3. Case transferred to Texas on April 12th 2019 4. Got a site visit from DHS on June 6th 2019. 5. Upgraded to Premium on Aug 9th 6. Approved on 14th Aug. USCIS site upd on 15th

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Posted by deemohan1787
08 May 2019 #1
hi skunny,
can we check the processing times for H1b-extn for Texas?
Posted by skunny
08 May 2019 #2
Hi Deemohan,

Unfortunately no I guess. If you visit https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ and select I-129 it gives only 3 centers in the next dropdown. Texas is not 1 amongst them.
Posted by deemohan1787
08 May 2019 #3
right! thank you :)
Posted by ramjas123
28 May 2019 #4
Mine also transferred to Texas on 12 April ..any update on ur case
Posted by skunny
03 Jun 2019 #5
Hi Ramjas123,

Sorry for late reply. I did not hear back anything on my case after it was transferred to Texas.
Posted by NARIKCB
16 Jul 2019 #6
Any Update on your case.
USCIS Site shows
4.5 Months to 6.5 Months L - Intracompany transfers January 02, 2019

Mine is 02 Jan :) No Update Yet
Posted by skunny
17 Jul 2019 #7

I have no updates yet for my case. Hoping to hear something soon.

Also the USCIS site shows the time frame for L Visas & not H i believe.
Posted by NARIKCB
17 Jul 2019 #8
Yes you are correct.... I was mistaken..its for L1.
I checked with My Immigration team today,
They said they still have not received any update for November cases which were also transfered to texas.

What will be your 240 day limit?...if you like to share... Mine is Sept 12... i may upgrade this week....
Posted by skunny
17 Jul 2019 #9
Mine is Sep 13th .... I am planning to wait for a couple of more weeks ....
Posted by NARIKCB
17 Jul 2019 #10
ok I Just pressed the upgrade button... It may take a week for our Managers to approve and immigration to process.....etc..
Am just worried of RFE comes . I may not have time to respond...as 240 days is near...

Hope all goes well... Best of luck....Do update if any.
Posted by skunny
17 Jul 2019 #11
Sure will update .... All the best to you too ....
Posted by ds41909
22 Jul 2019 #12
Hi skunny , you mentioned site visit , are you at client location , home office or employers office?
what was the reason of site visit , were you available at the site when someone visited ? what were the things officer asked or confirmed , between jun 6th or now did you get any status change on the uscis site??
Posted by skunny
22 Jul 2019 #13
Hi DS41909 .... Yes, I am at a client location & I was available at the site. The officer said my application was picked in random. He asked a lot of questions (for about 30 mins or so) pretty much whatever was mentioned in the petition & then he interviewed my manager as well. He asked me for last 2 pay slips & my ID Card along with my license. Unfortunately no response / updates on USCIS site post this visit.
Posted by ds41909
22 Jul 2019 #14
Thanks Skunny.. wish you good luck & hope you get approval soon !.

Regarding the VISIT , ID card was asked from your employer or for the client ? and the manager interview was from your employer or client manager? i am hoping it would be for your reporting manager from employer..
You have note updated your RFE date , so this visit was before RFE or after RFE?
Posted by skunny
22 Jul 2019 #15
ID card I was not carrying my employer's so gavve the client ID Card. The manager interview was for my reporting manager on the employer side. I did not get any RFE yet so don't have a date :-). Thank you for your kind wishes.
Posted by pssI140
01 Aug 2019 #16
Hi Skunny,
Have you upgraded to premium? as there is no response yet and your case is also close to 240 days I guess
Posted by skunny
01 Aug 2019 #17
Hi pssl140 - No i did not update it to premium yet .... Planning to start the process by next week ....
Posted by pssI140
13 Aug 2019 #18
Hi Skunny - did you upgrade to premium?
I have upgraded and should reach USCIS in couple of days.
Posted by skunny
13 Aug 2019 #19
Hi pssl140 .... Yes did it last week .... Forgot to update my case here .... Expecting rfe anytime soon .... Lol ....
Posted by pssI140
14 Aug 2019 #20
when is your 240 days due date? it looks like pretty close.
Posted by skunny
14 Aug 2019 #21
Hi pssl140 - Yes mine is coming up on Sep 13th ....
Posted by deemohan1787
14 Aug 2019 #22
hi.. i just received my RFE today and my 240 days ends on september 15th. i got the update rfom uscis and my office has not received the documentation yet. it will take atleast 7-10 days for them to receive the dcoumentation and update my case in the portal..
Posted by skunny
14 Aug 2019 #23
Sorry to hear that deemohan1787 .... As I mentioned above I am also expecting an RFE anytime soon ....
Posted by deemohan1787
14 Aug 2019 #24
i also got site visit on July 1st. But since there was no response after that I upgraded to premium on August 5th.. skunny,..
Posted by skunny
14 Aug 2019 #25
Hi deemohan1787 - How did your site visit go ????
Posted by deemohan1787
14 Aug 2019 #26
that went well.. just asked for payslips and my driving license.. an email was sent to my client manager asking for the SOW.. and i was also asked who assigns my duties etc..
Posted by pssI140
15 Aug 2019 #27
Congratulations Skunny for direct approval.
Are you with C.T.S?
Posted by skunny
15 Aug 2019 #28
Hi pssl140 - Thank you :-)

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