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H-1B case: Approved in 84 days (3 days less than average)
29 Apr 2019
17 Apr 2019
04 May 2019
Speciality Occupation
15 Jul 2019
22 Jul 2019
84 days
05 May 2019
22 Jul 2019

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Posted by aloha1234
22 Jul 2019 #1

Can you please share the documents you submitted to [email protected]
Posted by kieran
22 Jul 2019 #2
Attorneys didn't ask anything from me, but they said they're making use of -- detailed job description signed by company affirming the minimum education requirement and the specialty occupation job duties.
Included job postings for other companies describing the minimum requirement for similar positions, expert opinion letter and some other documentation..
Posted by aloha1234
23 Jul 2019 #3
Thanks Kieran.

How long your attorney took to prepare the documents ? did you join on receipt ? what is your suggestion on joining on receipt if employer cant want to wait 2 more months.

Appreciate your help !
Posted by kieran
23 Jul 2019 #4
I didn't join on receipt, they took lot of time in gathering the evidence. If you feel that you can't miss the opportunity then go ahead and join on receipt notice, for me they were okay to wait until I got the approval.
Posted by aloha1234
23 Jul 2019 #5
I will talk to the employer after receiveing the RFE, I am thinking to wait until its approved. I am assuming RFE is because of my BS degree.


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