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H-1B case: Approved in 20 days (67 days less than average)
22 May 2019
22 May 2019
11 Jun 2019
20 days
30 May 2019
12 Jun 2019
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Posted by RockyJ5
14 Jun 2019 #1
congrats !!... what is your approval duration and does it reflect your SOW or period that it was requested for like ( 3 years )
Posted by iaquil
17 Jun 2019 #2
@RockyJ5 - What was the duration of your approved extension? Did you include SOW, Client letter or Master service agreement?
Posted by kunalks2003
17 Jun 2019 #3
still waiting for detail from lawyer . online status is approved. I am a Full time with major tech Company so SOW and MSA is not applicable.
Posted by sathyan88
17 Jun 2019 #4
Is your background CS or Non CS?
Posted by kunalks2003
17 Jun 2019 #5
non CS 11.5 year experience
Posted by sathyan88
17 Jun 2019 #6
Thank you
Posted by iaquil
17 Jun 2019 #7
Is major Tech company a consulting organization? Asking because I am also a full time at a major US based consulting firm, but my company lawyer is asking to provide SOW and MSA..
Posted by kunalks2003
17 Jun 2019 #8
consulting organization don't come in tech company they are service company where they provide your service to other company. major tech Company Facebook, Amazon ,sales force etc.
Posted by kunalks2003
18 Jun 2019 #9
Visa is approved for 3 years

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