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H-1B case: Approved in 263 days (-175 days more than average)
14 Jun 2019
14 Jun 2019
02 Jan 2020
3rd Jan-2020: SOW, Client Letter and EE Relationship
18 Feb 2020
03 Mar 2020
263 days
01 Jul 2019
04 Mar 2020
1. Amendment + Extension. 2. On 25th Oct- Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction.

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Posted by hydpotta
06 Aug 2019 #1
Today I see the H4 status changed from Finger prints received to "Document Was Mailed". Not sure what that means.

However H1 Extension status is still "Case Was Received".
Posted by hydpotta
12 Aug 2019 #2
False alarm. They have sent the H4 receipt to my new address, which was sent back to CSC.
Posted by hydpotta
29 Oct 2019 #3
On 25th October case status changed to, "Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction"
Posted by narayana83
30 Oct 2019 #4
That may be good, it may processed faster if it is gone to Nebraska or vermont. Do you mind sharing the native state of your employer ?
Posted by hydpotta
06 Nov 2019 #5
My Employer is in Texas.
Case transferred to Vermont.
Posted by bikramdas1
27 Nov 2019 #6
How do you know your case was moved to Vermont.
Mine also filed on June 13- Extension +Amendment- California Center- Regular Processing.
Moved to new office on October 25th. But has not received any updates after that.
Posted by hydpotta
27 Nov 2019 #7
My employer received the notice about new office. They informed me.
Posted by bikramdas1
27 Nov 2019 #8
Mine also moved to Vermont. Confirmed with the Employer. But nothing got changed after that. Please let me know if something happens to your case. Can you pls give me ur email address or send me a mail at [email protected]
Posted by sharadj
26 Dec 2019 #9
Hey, Have a question, My Employer wants to convert my petition from normal to premium as I have crossed 170+ mark out of 240. They are asking if you want to convert only your petition from normal to premium or your dependents too? Any Suggestions? My Extension application was filed on 11th July and sent to California Office. No updates yet?

Posted by hydpotta
03 Jan 2020 #10
Hi Sharad, I'm not sure about that bro. What I know is, if your application adjudicates in premium, your dependents application should also go through along with it, because they must have already done with their fingerprinting.
Posted by sharadj
03 Jan 2020 #11
Thanks Bro. Yesterday my employer converted my petition from normal to premium and submitted it.
Posted by hydpotta
13 Jan 2020 #12
for RFE, just got a request from Employer Legal team, asking for the "detailed experience letters from Previous employers". Now i'm worried whether this is related to Specialty Occupation.
PS. My employer doesn't share the RFE document to employees.
Posted by sharadj
13 Jan 2020 #13
Oh okay. It could be related to verifying your total IT experience as well. Hope it gets through. Best luck.
Posted by madwis2017
30 Jan 2020 #14
Any update on your case? I have same situation, applied on 28th June 2019 in regular and its got transferred to Vermont in October. But still there is no change in the status.
Posted by HydKaPotta
30 Jan 2020 #15
I got RFE on 2nd Jan and yet you respond to the RFE.
Posted by madwis2017
05 Feb 2020 #16
I received RFE today.
Posted by bikramdas1
18 Feb 2020 #17
Hi... Did you file RFE? I have also the similar case. RFE Filed on Feb11.
Please let me know your updates.
Posted by hydpotta
18 Feb 2020 #18
Yup, RFE response sent on 2/14, yet to be delivered at USCIS. I didn
Posted by hydpotta
18 Feb 2020 #19
I didn
Posted by bikramdas1
03 Mar 2020 #20
Any updates on ur case?Mine got approved
Posted by hydpotta
03 Mar 2020 #21
Congratulations buddy. I
Posted by hydpotta
03 Mar 2020 #22
Im going ahead with premium in couple of days.
Posted by hydpotta
04 Mar 2020 #23
Finally got approved, just before submitting the premium.
Posted by madwis2017
04 Mar 2020 #24
Congratulations Buddy :). Any idea how long you got your extension? My Case we are working on RFE documents and need to submit within the next 2 weeks.
Posted by hydpotta
04 Mar 2020 #25
Client letter was given till the end of 2021, i'm expecting the same duration.
However, I will know the actual dates in few dates, will let you know then.
Posted by hydpotta
10 Mar 2020 #26
Case approved on 3/3/2020, but the employer still didn't receive the approval notice.
Posted by vk6300
10 Apr 2020 #27
Case approved today. Good luck everyone.

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