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H-1B case:
14 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019
27 Jun 2019
1) Filling Fee Requirements - Please share prior petition’s I-129 and Cover letters or the receipt notices received . 2) Specialty occupation - prove why you need a Bachelor's degree to perform this role 3) Employee-Employer Relationship, Services at
09 Sep 2019
19 Sep 2019
97 days
22 Jul 2019
20 Sep 2019
amendment + extension. amendment is for legal entity change as employer went thru merger process

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Posted by AbhayCharan
22 Jul 2019 #1
SOC code: 15-1199
Wage level: 3 (I-129 pay is level 4)
Education: B.Tech CSE
Experience: 13 year
Posted by filter835
31 Aug 2019 #2

whats the status of the case pls?
Posted by AbhayCharan
02 Sep 2019 #3
attorney is going to send the RFE response next week
Posted by AbhayCharan
09 Sep 2019 #4
RFE response filed today
Posted by AbhayCharan
20 Sep 2019 #5
petition denied today as per the USCIS case status website...do not know the reason. I-94 expired on July 10
Posted by achilles_xbox
26 Sep 2019 #6
Did u get the reason from ur attorney?
Posted by AbhayCharan
27 Sep 2019 #7
notice not received yet
Posted by random18
28 Sep 2019 #8
Hi Charan - May i know how many days we need to take to leave the country after receiving denial from USCIS?
Posted by AbhayCharan
28 Sep 2019 #9
It is better to leave asap. My petition was denied on 9/19 and I'm yet to receive the denial notice. But I'm leaving the country on 10/1, booked ticket already.
Posted by random18
28 Sep 2019 #10
Hi Charan,
May i know how did you break the apartment leasing? do we need to pay whole rent for the rest of the months as per the leasing agreement?
Posted by AbhayCharan
29 Sep 2019 #11
When renewing my lease in last July I spoke to my owner and reduced the notice period from 2 months to 1 month...now I'm leaving with 1 month notice. my employer will pay that one month's rent as per the policy.

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