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25 Sep 2019
26 Sep 2019
30 Sep 2019
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10 Oct 2019
10 Oct 2019
Mine is a Cap exempt case filed as a new Petition after denial of H1B extension on July

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Posted by AbhayCharan
08 Dec 2019 #1
can you pls let me know the SOC code on the denied petition and the SOC code used for the new one
Posted by AbhayCharan
08 Dec 2019 #2
also, is it EVC or EC model ?
Posted by KrishH1b
08 Dec 2019 #3
Denied one was with SOC 15-1121 wage level 1 and cap exempt also filed with same code but wage level 2.. not sure what is meant by EVC or EC model.. pls elaborate
Posted by AbhayCharan
08 Dec 2019 #4
Thanks for the reply....just wanted to know if you have any layer in between your employer and client...if so, it will be called EVC model... otherwise just EC....so the earlier denial was due to wage level 1 being 1...got it. my denied Petition had 1199 code and level 3 wage...we are now filing cap exempt petition with 1121 code and same wage level
Posted by KrishH1b
08 Dec 2019 #5
No there is no layer between my employer and client and we provided all documents even then extension got denied.. but for cap exempt we provided strong expert opinion letter while filing stating that my qualification is on par to work in US.. maybe that ticked all boxes this time without issues..
Posted by AbhayCharan
09 Dec 2019 #6
Thanks for the details...my denial reason was different... not sure if it gets approved or not this time.
Posted by KrishH1b
09 Dec 2019 #7
Not sure about ur reason.. but don
Posted by AbhayCharan
09 Dec 2019 #8
Thank you
Posted by Abhi1617
11 Dec 2019 #9
whats ur bachelors degree in ?

also my h1b is also cap exempt as i in india.

can you pls email me your contact [email protected]

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