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H-1B case: Approved in 200 days (-113 days more than average)
04 May 2020
05 May 2020
27 Jul 2020
Employer didn’t disclose Reason for RFE Haven't received reason yet
30 Sep 2020
20 Nov 2020
200 days
06 May 2020
22 Nov 2020

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Posted by XXC001
22 May 2020 #1
Hi when did you receive the receipt number
Posted by kauser9339
22 May 2020 #2
Posted by murugeshv2
22 May 2020 #3
What is the receipt date or notice date of USCIS?
Posted by kauser9339
22 May 2020 #4
05/05 and 05/19 respectively
Posted by murugeshv2
22 May 2020 #5
Thanks, almost 2 weeks!
Posted by thekoolest1
02 Jun 2020 #6
Please update regularly so we can gauge better !
Posted by kauser9339
02 Jun 2020 #7
No update so far
Posted by thekoolest1
04 Jun 2020 #8
any updates on your case ? I saw someone with same date as your get approval today
Posted by kauser9339
04 Jun 2020 #9
I will post when I receive any update. Nothing so far !
Posted by XXC001
13 Jun 2020 #10
to: kauser9339

Hi, have you received any update on your case. Its been a week and there were no updates on this forum. pls share your status
Posted by kauser9339
13 Jun 2020 #11
No update yet, as communicated earlier .. I will post when I hear anything
Posted by BPK18
14 Aug 2020 #12
Any update on your case? are you still waiting? did you try to raise the service request?.. Good luck..
Posted by kauser9339
14 Aug 2020 #13
Received RFE, employer is responding

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