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H-1B case: Approved in 40 days (47 days less than average)
30 Apr 2020
04 May 2020
09 Jun 2020
40 days
26 May 2020
12 Jun 2020

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Posted by sanvemu
29 May 2020 #1
Hey there. Mine too filed same date and USCIS received same date. Also can you update your receipt number with next 3 digits it will be very easy to know what sequence is being processed and will be helpful to others tracking their cases.
Posted by Soberascanbe
29 May 2020 #2
@sanvemu updated the tracker
Posted by sanvemu
29 May 2020 #3
Wow mine too same number up to that. Will be interesting to track both.
Posted by sklove4ul
12 Jun 2020 #4
Hi, is there any updates on your extension approval yet? as i see few people got approved who's receipt date is 5/04/2020.
Posted by Soberascanbe
12 Jun 2020 #5
@sklove4ul Updated
Posted by sklove4ul
12 Jun 2020 #6
Congrats, even my receipt date is same as urs, i havent received any updates from usics
Posted by Avik1234
13 Jun 2020 #7

This is for FTE or EVC model? May I know your edu background/soc code/wage level?
Posted by Soberascanbe
15 Jun 2020 #8
Hi @Avik1234, my application was for FTE, and educational background is construction

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