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H-1B case: Approved in 45 days (42 days less than average)
16 Jun 2020
17 Jun 2020
31 Jul 2020
45 days
18 Jun 2020
13 Aug 2021
Received approval notice on 24th of Aug. After 24 days. Approved for the dates mentioned in LCA.

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Posted by vijayvardhan07
31 Jul 2020 #1
Hi, is it in regular mode?
Posted by dk3456
31 Jul 2020 #2
Yes, it was done through regular processing. Check the trend, it used to be 8 days, then 15, now its about 45 days on regular. I suspect it will increase in coming days, since premium process is already opened.
Posted by vijayvardhan07
31 Jul 2020 #3
Yeah, thank you. My case was submitted uscis on 25th June.
Posted by BharatNT2IE
02 Aug 2020 #4
Can you please disclose the length of the approval notice. Heard Nebraska is pretty straightforward.
Posted by ska1000
03 Aug 2020 #5
Hi are you in FTE or E-client model?
thank you
Posted by dk3456
04 Aug 2020 #6
@ska1000: Employee-Client Model.

@BharatNT2IE: Approval notice is also like receipt notice only, it will take at least 2 more weeks to receive. Hoping that it matches the LCA date but you never know.
Posted by BharatNT2IE
05 Aug 2020 #7
dk3456 yes my friends were telling me the same thing that the notice would take 2 weeks. So you have not received your notice yet ? If you have could you tell me if you have an approval for 3 years? I am in EVC model working as a contractor.

Bharat C P

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