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H-1B case: Approved in 207 days (-119 days more than average)
21 May 2010
24 May 2010
14 Dec 2010
03 Oct 2010
207 days
17 May 2010
23 Dec 2010
==== APPROVED finally after 7 MONTHS long wait ==== Still showing up as Initial Review (:- in Online Lawyer received Approval notices. But Online status has not been updated yet. All the best, Guy

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Posted by idliman
02 Sep 2010 #1
As of Sept 02, Vermont is still processing April 15th receipt dates. So yours might take another 10 days max.
Posted by kondetisree
07 Sep 2010 #2
Thanks for the Info, Idliman. I really wish that I should get before this month end as my Visa is getting expired on 30th Sep.
Posted by tomato
16 Sep 2010 #3
I see the processing time of Vermont shows May 22nd now,but how so many cased filed before that day still pending?
How they calculate the processing date ?
Posted by tomato
27 Sep 2010 #4
Is your case still pending ?? Kindly pls give me update. Thank you !
Posted by kondetisree
06 Oct 2010 #5
FYI -- This is the reply from my Lawyer on 13th Sep | My case received by USCUS -- 24th May

I called USCIS to follow up on the status. Despite the fact that the website says VSC’s processing time is two months, I was advised the VSC is currently working on petitions received May 15. Therefore, the petition will not be “outside normal processing time” for another nine days. Until then, we can’t do anything.
Posted by babukhan
06 Oct 2010 #6
where did you get the info about currently being processed for May 22nd applications? how long will it take to pick up May 22nd, and when will we receive the actual physical copy of h1b?
Posted by babukhan
14 Oct 2010 #7
there is no such thing as you cannot the lawyer, take the number from internet and call them directly
Posted by babukhan
14 Oct 2010 #8
what the lawyer means "“outside normal processing time” "?
Posted by kondetisree
19 Oct 2010 #9
Hmm.... This is the Response from my HR on OCT-19th
I spoke to Stephanie last week and she told me that USCIS was processing the applications received on May 18th 2010 and we will be hearing the decision on your case soon.

I will follow up with her again this week and update you the status.
Posted by babukhan
26 Oct 2010 #10
what is the plan now? its getting frustrating for me..
Posted by babukhan
27 Oct 2010 #11
see kaub11, his is 4th May case, behind us what does your lawyer say?
Posted by kondetisree
28 Oct 2010 #12
lawyer doesn't say anything. They say we still less than 180 days period. Keep the HOPE on.
Posted by babukhan
29 Oct 2010 #13
got approved yesterday, the online status says

Post Decision Activity
On October 28, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.
Posted by hkkri
05 Nov 2010 #14
My firend H1B s pending at vermont. Recently when his attorney called about the delays, USCIS said that they are reviewing F1 visa to H1B visa applications first. They have it as priority. The extension applications are delayed for this reason. Hopefully the new H1B applications have been finished by now.
Posted by kondetisree
09 Nov 2010 #15
Lawyer Response --- Nov 2nd -----

I called USCIS to follow up again. I was advised that case is not yet "outside the processing time," as VSC is processing petitions submitted 5/22/10, and receipt date for this petition is 5/24/10 (they’ve apparently been stuck on the same day for the last month and a half- very disappointing). I will calendar a reminder to follow up on 11/9/10.

Posted by kondetisree
09 Nov 2010 #16
Just got another Update from Lawyer ==== 09 Nov 2010 ======

I called USCIS to follow up on the H petition. They placed a service request, we should receive a letter with more information. The officer advised we follow up in a week if we don’t hear anything. I have calendared a reminder to follow up on 11/17/10.

Posted by kondetisree
22 Nov 2010 #17
No Updates yet from Lawyer/USCIS on my Service Request
Posted by w8ng4extnsn
26 Nov 2010 #18
Mine got approved two weeks ago. Both of our applications reached USCIS on the same day I guess. I hope you would have received some communication by now?
Posted by kondetisree
01 Dec 2010 #19
Two days back my lawyer got a letter from USCUS on Service Request which was opened(11/09/2010) on my case.
They said -- We will post our decision in next 60 DAYS.

Hmm.. Already 6 months got over.. And again 2 more months... Its a long wait.
Posted by Cover
16 Dec 2010 #20
This is bad, the same case with me and many others
Posted by kondetisree
23 Dec 2010 #21
FINALLY AFTER LONG WAIT -- Almost 7 months : H1B Extn got approved. But they gave it for ONE Year. (till 09/30/2011 -- mine current was expired on 09.30.2010)

Though I had my Labor n I-140 - I got it for 1 year... Again in next 6 months - Need to apply back :)-

Posted by karupayi
25 Dec 2010 #22
Congratulations Kondetisree. I have been watching your status for this day to arrive. Peace be prevail.
Posted by Cover
25 Dec 2010 #23
Congratulations Kondetisree.
Posted by kondetisree
17 May 2011 #24
Thank you, karupayi n vikramdotcom

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