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H-1B case: Approved in 60 days (27 days less than average)
01 Jun 2020
08 Jun 2020
31 Jul 2020
60 days
02 Aug 2020
10 Aug 2020
This is 8th year on H1B, I140 approved about 2 1/2 years ago. Need to verify what is the approval period. Waiting for the notice. Update :- Approval for 3 years till July 2023.

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Posted by Venky125
03 Aug 2020 #1
Hi Bharat, could you pls let us know how long or duration your petition is approved - Thank you _/\_
Posted by BharatNT2IE
03 Aug 2020 #2
Venky yet to know... So USCIS definitely dispatched on Friday, It will likely arrive sometime next week or Monday the week after.

Bharat C P
Posted by Venky125
03 Aug 2020 #3
Appreciate your response, bharat
Please let us know when you receive it
Thank you
Posted by BharatNT2IE
10 Aug 2020 #4

The approval notice was for 3 years, till July 2023.

Bharat C P
Posted by Venky125
11 Aug 2020 #5
Congrats Bharat, Appreciate your response.
Cheers!! ( Have a beer :))

Good luck
Posted by BharatNT2IE
11 Aug 2020 #6
Let us see :). We never know what policy changes could come in!!!!

Bharat C P
Posted by dk3456
11 Aug 2020 #7
Congrats, when did you receive your approval notice?

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