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H-1B case: Approved in 7 days (81 days less than average)
13 Oct 2020
14 Oct 2020
20 Oct 2020
7 days
10 Oct 2020
20 Oct 2020
Receipt notice received on 10/15 with received date marked at 10/14 and approved on 10/20.

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Posted by H1H2
16 Oct 2020 #1
Did you receive receipt notice,if yes when did you receive it?
Posted by immiworries
16 Oct 2020 #2
I received it yesterday. Let me see if there is an option to update the receipt notice date and update it if so.
Posted by vakalapudi
27 Oct 2020 #3

After your case status marked approved online, how long did it take your attorneys to receive physical copy. Also, did they receive an electronic copy on the day of approval?
Posted by immiworries
27 Oct 2020 #4
I didn't keep track of that, sorry. I'm not in any hurry to get this paperwork.
Posted by Visacurious
30 Oct 2020 #5
I see you filed after that new DOL wage rule was implemented. Was there a new LCA assigned with significant higher salary?
Posted by immiworries
30 Oct 2020 #6
My salary is significantly high. Plus, LCA was filled before new rules were applied.

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