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H-1B case: Approved in 258 days (-171 days more than average)
12 May 2021
13 May 2021
25 Jan 2022
258 days
13 Jun 2021
26 Jan 2022
My employer upgraded my petition to premium on January 21st 2022. Got approved on Jan 25th.

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Posted by india2703
14 Sep 2021 #1
Hi, any update?
Posted by visahope
14 Sep 2021 #2
Posted by Pray13
11 Dec 2021 #3
Hi, try SR that might help!
Posted by visahope
11 Dec 2021 #4
Thanks! I will ask attorney to file another SR next week. We already did one, a month ago. But nothing came out of it.
Posted by Pray13
11 Dec 2021 #5
Sounds good! The second SR worked for me.
Posted by visahope
24 Dec 2021 #6
Raised another SR today. I am not expecting any response soon because of Christmas holidays.
Posted by Pray13
29 Dec 2021 #7
Holidays does slow down the process, however, I still believe you might get a response during first week of January.

For mine, 1st SR
Posted by Pray13
29 Dec 2021 #8
1st -SR
Posted by Pray13
29 Dec 2021 #9
For me, 1st SR response was received in 8 days. The 2nd SR response was received on 10th day as approval
Posted by visahope
29 Dec 2021 #10
ok. i will update here once i get any response. so far it is not yet assigned.
Posted by visahope
26 Jan 2022 #11
They did not give proper reply to 2nd SR.

So, my employer upgraded my petition to premium on January 21st. Got my h1 approved today!
Posted by Pray13
27 Jan 2022 #12
Posted by visahope
27 Jan 2022 #13
Thank you

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