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H-1B case: Approved in 223 days (-135 days more than average)
25 Jun 2010
29 Jun 2010
16 Dec 2010
client letter, employee employer relationship etc
22 Dec 2010
03 Feb 2011
03 Feb 2011
223 days
01 Sep 2010
03 Feb 2011
Finally!!!!! I have received the approval email and also status has been updated online.

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Posted by tvasureddy
14 Nov 2010 #1

Mine is a direct employer and nevwr upgraded to premium. Its been slow for most of my colleagues..avg is around 5 months
Posted by mksk
16 Dec 2010 #2

Based on the recent trend with VSC. If you Company is an Consulting Services,

1. EER (Employer Employee Relationship) of 5 Pages. Don't worry about it. - Most possible one.
2. SOW or Contract Agreement between your Current Employer and Client.
3. Any thing related to Fee (There was Fee hike this year for Non-Imm petitions).
4. Previous Employer(s) (Pay stubs, W2, LCA, I-797C or I-129 ...etc) which you would have submitted while filling your petition. USCIS officer might want it again.

These are the most frequently asked RFE in Vermont. All the best.

(If Consulting) Make sure you get Client Letter(with/out Contract duration, No if Contract is ending within month or so, else No end date should be fine). Also If Client is not willing to give Letter, then take copy of Email thread between you & manager stating reason for not giving the letter and Letter from you Colleague with his contract details [Role, Email, Phone(work)] should be fine.

Hope this help's. Good Luck.

Posted by gkalwala
16 Dec 2010 #3
Thank you very much mkrishnan.

You have given me shown some light on otherwise disappointing day. I am working on getting the RFE details and documentation ready. I will keep you all posted.
Posted by mksk
16 Dec 2010 #4
Good Luck :)

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