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H-1B case: Approved in 167 days (-79 days more than average)
14 May 2010
24 May 2010
28 Oct 2010
167 days
13 Sep 2010
29 Oct 2010
Why is there such a delay in vermont center? What is this Mandamus? does it to Leads to Approvals ? It says approved also says POST DECISION ACTIVITY online. Thank you

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Posted by kondetisree
13 Sep 2010 #1
My case is also with same as like you(May 24th)... Still waiting.. Says --> Initial Review status.
Hope for the best. I am expecting approval/RFE before this month end as we are seeing cases are getting cleared.(may 18th as latest)
Posted by kondetisree
06 Oct 2010 #2
Hmm.... This is the Response from my Lawyer on SEP-13th
I called USCIS to follow up on the status. Despite the fact that the website says VSC’s processing time is two months, I was advised the VSC is currently working on petitions received May 15. Therefore, the petition will not be “outside normal processing time” for another nine days. Until then, we can’t do anything.
Posted by babukhan
06 Oct 2010 #3
i got the same letter from lawyer onsep 20thm and he says wait for 30 days and he will contact again. so he will contact USCIS vermont on Oct 20. Any updates on your end?
Posted by kondetisree
12 Oct 2010 #4
NO. As I am not suppose to contact Lawyer directly, I've asked my employer to follow up on my case with Lawyer. But there is NO proper response.
I am hoping for at least we will get something(Approval/RFE) by this month end.

Hope for the best. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST as well. And I am also hearing that they are giving just 1 year Extensions instead of 3 years. Thats sucks.
Again we have to be on the same boat (:-
Posted by babukhan
14 Oct 2010 #5
i think if lawyer wrties a strong letter while applying that the contract is extenable , then they should give 3 years, is that USCIS website updated regularly?
Posted by kondetisree
19 Oct 2010 #6
We have given letter stating that my project will get extend till 30th Sep'13. Will see how they are going to give. But actual client contract is ending on 31-Dec-2010.

Answer to your Question --> what the lawyer means "“outside normal processing time” "?

It means normal processing time is upto 180 days which mean 6 months time. If USCIS received our case 6months earlier and you still don't have updates, then your case falls under --> outside normal processing time
Posted by kondetisree
19 Oct 2010 #7
Hmm.... This is the Response from my HR on OCT-19th
I spoke to Stephanie last week and she told me that USCIS was processing the applications received on May 18th 2010 and we will be hearing the decision on your case soon.

I will follow up with her again this week and update you the status.
Posted by babukhan
19 Oct 2010 #8
my lawyer says they are processing now May22nd applciaitons, and mr cmphr got approved who filed on may 24th
Posted by kondetisree
20 Oct 2010 #9
Thats good news... So we can also expect something soon. Hope for the best.
Posted by babukhan
21 Oct 2010 #10
now that date of May 22nd is there for the past one month :-(
Check this profile http://www.trackitt.com/member/cmphr
he got approved long back who also applied on May 24th.
Posted by kuab11
25 Oct 2010 #11
My case is lagging behind all ur cases...receipt date is May 4th and still intial review...
Posted by kondetisree
28 Oct 2010 #12
hmm... What happened to OUR cases? USCIS is showing some special Love on us (:_
I need to goto India and get it stamped. I am eagerly waiting for some news.
Posted by karupayi
29 Oct 2010 #13
Phew... At last. Is 167 days a record, atleast for this year:-)
Posted by karupayi
29 Oct 2010 #14
Previous records for ex"tension"
John77 - 332 days
mygreencard08 -167 days
Posted by babukhan
29 Oct 2010 #15
i got approved
online says-
Post Decision Activity
On October 28, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

KONDE brother, you are next, let me know about stamping, what you planning?
Posted by kondetisree
01 Nov 2010 #16
WOW!!! Thats great Babu.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good to hear from you. Its very good news for you for me too. So I can keep the HOPE on.

I am still waiting for that. hmm.

My wife n kids are traveling to India on 10-Nov(irrespective of Approval). I will be going to India end of Jan and will be coming on end of Feb( Depends on Stamping).

All the very best.
Posted by kondetisree
01 Nov 2010 #17
By what time you generally see updates on USCIS website??? -- Its 5.30pm on 01-Nov.
When did you notice(i mean what time?) your case that got approved on 29th Oct?
Posted by babukhan
03 Nov 2010 #18
KONDE brother, it was approved on oct 30th, i think they USCIS are pretty good in updating the site.
Posted by kondetisree
04 Nov 2010 #19
Ohh Got it brother.
At least, they are good in this part, Babu.

Please update the thread for how many years that you got your approval.

Good Luck!!
Posted by babukhan
29 May 2014 #20
its the time again , for next h1 ext :-(

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