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H-1B case: Approved in 9 days (78 days less than average)
20 Sep 2022
21 Sep 2022
29 Sep 2022
9 days
24 Sep 2022
29 Sep 2022

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Posted by Adi04
25 Sep 2022 #1
Hi there! I noticed that your petition was filed on 20th. Did you get your receipt notice the next day or did you get it later but it said received on 21st? Mine was delivered on the 20th but no receipt yet
Posted by permeb2june201
25 Sep 2022 #2
Documents shipped on 9/20
Received date 9/21
Email Receipt received by attorney on 9/22 9PM
Shared the email receipt with me on 9/23 morning
Posted by Adi04
25 Sep 2022 #3
Oh wow that's very curious! Mine shipped on 19th and delivered 20th morning and I still didn't receive it. Any ideas why it might be delayed? Mine is premium as well
Posted by permeb2june201
27 Sep 2022 #4
Did you get the receipt @Adi04?
Posted by Adi04
27 Sep 2022 #5
Looks like USCIS didn't send receipt email but went ahead with the process anyway - got my case number from my attorney using the cashed in cheque in which they had to update it. It's in review now.
Posted by crazysrvn
17 Jan 2023 #6
when did you receive the physical copy for approval notice ?

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