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H-1B case: Approved in 11 days (76 days less than average)
25 Apr 2011
27 Apr 2011
06 May 2011
11 days
04 May 2011
06 May 2011

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Posted by cpr2009
08 May 2011 #1
How many years did you get extension for?

Posted by harry79
08 May 2011 #2
3 years this would be my 7,8 & 9 year.
Posted by yurma1974
09 May 2011 #3
Hi, Congrats!!
Are you working as consultant? If yes, did you have any layers? If yes, how many layers did you have?
Posted by harry79
09 May 2011 #4
I dont understand can you elaborate please
Posted by harry79
09 May 2011 #5
Yes, I'm working as a consultant
Posted by yurma1974
09 May 2011 #6
I am working as a consultant where there r 2 layers between my employer and end client. I wanted to know if u had similar set up employer-vendor- end client or employer- vendor- vendor- end client.
Posted by harry79
09 May 2011 #7
There are no layer in my case. My consulting company has direct contract with Client. Why, is there a issue if there are layers?
Posted by yurma1974
09 May 2011 #8
Yes, I have heard that there are issues with layer set up as USCIS checks to see Employee- Employer Relation. In 2 Layer set up it becomes difficult to establish employee-employer relationship even after providing them letters and what not. You never know what USCIS would ask for at any given point. Hence I wanted to know if you had layers and what paper work you had to submit. But it is good that you didn't have any layers.
Posted by harry79
09 May 2011 #9
I think the most important is the End-Client letter which I was able to get. The letter clearly stated that my client has no control over my employement and it is upto my H1B holder to fire, performance review, or promote me.
Posted by yurma1974
09 May 2011 #10
Yes, I am also able to get end client letter stating that I am a consultant and not their employee. However end client can not write in the letter that my employer holds that hire/fire right as my employer doesn't have direct relationship with the end client. Hence I got letters from all the layers which eventually shows that my employer has all the rights for hire/fire and all that. Hope that makes sense.
Posted by longwait22mon
16 May 2011 #11
is it advisable to write duration of contract in end client letter? generally it is six months which result into a year extension....or open-end contract duration is better...share your thought ...thanks!!!!

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