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H-1B case: Approved in 222 days (-135 days more than average)
23 Jun 2011
24 Jun 2011
13 Oct 2011
Employer-Employee relationship & Client Letter. Got delayed in obtaining client letter as my client never issued a letter for any visa related matters.
21 Dec 2011
31 Jan 2012
02 Feb 2012
222 days
28 Jun 2011
06 Feb 2012
Approved for 3 years.

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Posted by kaush123
14 Oct 2011 #1
Did you get the RFE ?
What is asked for ?
My case is same as yours 6+ years.
Posted by eb2imar2011
31 Oct 2011 #2
RFE is for employer-employee relationship.
Posted by huser01
24 Jan 2012 #3
Did you get the approval ?
Posted by eb2imar2011
25 Jan 2012 #4
Not yet...it's been more than a month after responding to RFE. Already 215 days are over, still have 25 days left to complete the 240 days employment period as my I-94 expired on Jun 27th. USCIS site says it will take up to 60days to review the response.
Posted by whatapain
01 Feb 2012 #5
Any Update on your case ?
Posted by eb2imar2011
01 Feb 2012 #6
nothing yet...I am upgrading my case to Premium today. Hopefully I get an update as I will be reaching 240 days soon.
Posted by eb2imar2011
03 Feb 2012 #7
Hi Frnds,

Finally my H1 extn got approved. Got a notification last night at 10:30 PM, I upgraded the case to premium on 2/1 but decision was made on 1/31.
Posted by lahcsin
10 Feb 2012 #8

My case is same as yours 6+ years and I also got the same RFE - employer-employee relationship.
Need your suggestion..what kind of document you prepared..Shall I move to premium processing..my H1B is expiring March 12.
Posted by eb2imar2011
10 Feb 2012 #9
I didn't prepare any documents, all I got a letter from my client manager mentioning that my assignment will go until Jul 2014, Roles & Responsibilities, hourly rate etc.

My employer didn't give me full reasons for RFE.

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