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H-1B case: Approved in 136 days (-49 days more than average)
29 May 2012
30 May 2012
07 Aug 2012
SOW, Client Letter, Employer to Employee relationship documents...
28 Sep 2012
12 Oct 2012
136 days
19 Jun 2012
14 Oct 2012
Finaly got approved after a torduous 4.5 months of wait!!!!

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Posted by pgkkthoki
21 Aug 2012 #1
Masters or regular?
Posted by lovetatai
21 Aug 2012 #2
Posted by gssaini
29 Aug 2012 #3
do you know what is the RFE for? and is your case a COS ?
Posted by lovetatai
31 Aug 2012 #4
Its asking for project documents and also my University transcripts.
Posted by bollam
20 Sep 2012 #5
Did you change you processing type from regular to Premium ?
Posted by lovetatai
28 Sep 2012 #6
Nope... company did not change it to premium... :(
Posted by lovetatai
28 Sep 2012 #7
On September 28, 2012, we received your response to our request for evidence.
Posted by mana2012
08 Oct 2012 #8
How long did it take for you to receive the RFE details, after the case status changed in USCIS portal? I can see that my case status is in RFE, but yet to receive the details
Posted by lovetatai
09 Oct 2012 #9
It took a fortnight for me to receive the RFE mail from my company's Visa cell and over a month for them to file the reply in USCIS. When did your case status changed to RFE in portal ?
Posted by mana2012
09 Oct 2012 #10
My case status changed to RFE on 1st oct 2012.
Posted by mana2012
14 Oct 2012 #11

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