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H-1B case: Approved in 130 days (-39 days more than average)
19 Apr 2012
25 Apr 2012
27 Jul 2012
Dates,MSA,SOW,client letter.
17 Aug 2012
27 Aug 2012
130 days
05 Jul 2012
27 Aug 2012

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Posted by testnina123
09 Jul 2012 #1
Do you have any update
Posted by trackitt2012
09 Jul 2012 #2
No updates till now..... same status showing.
Posted by tribenie
24 Jul 2012 #3
Now? It's over 96 days!!!
Posted by atishglib
31 Jul 2012 #4
Hi - Do you have any status on your H1B extension? I also filed the extension during the same time and my petition is still under review.
Posted by trackitt2012
31 Jul 2012 #5
I got RFE on 07/27/2012.
Posted by AIntelligence
31 Jul 2012 #6
Did you submit Vendor and Client letters?
Posted by trackitt2012
31 Jul 2012 #7
No..... I haven't submitted those letters. CTS didn't ask those letters.
Posted by SamAnx
01 Aug 2012 #8
What was the reason for the RFE? Do you know?
Posted by trackitt2012
01 Aug 2012 #9
Still waiting for that.....
Posted by tribenie
27 Aug 2012 #10
At last though.......Congratulations!!!!!!!!
Posted by trackitt2012
27 Aug 2012 #11
Thanks dudde.......................... :)

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