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H-1B case:
31 Jul 2012
01 Aug 2012
15 Aug 2012
Received an RFE abt for Employer like Employer - Employee Relationship, Tax returns of companies and other stuff. Response dead line is November 10th Employer responded on 9th Oct and packet reached them on 10th Oct.
10 Oct 2012
19 Oct 2012
80 days
10 Aug 2012
22 Oct 2012
Initially filed by regular processing on May 31st 2012, later changed it to premium on 31st July 2012. Received an RFE on 15th August, Responded to RFE on 10th October. Since made it premium expecting the RFE reply result by 24th October. YET TO KNO

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Posted by GCAlienUFO
28 Aug 2012 #1
Hi, is there any update on your RFE? Please update in case there is any change. Thanks.
Posted by balajisadasiva
22 Oct 2012 #2
Could you please provide more details on the RFE. I have a similar RFE and the outcome of your petition is creating concerns for me! I am keeping my fingers crossed !
Posted by pretb
22 Oct 2012 #3
this is really concerning what was the rfe about... employer employee is a common rfe rite?
Posted by sreesanu
22 Oct 2012 #4
Few Sub Heading are:

H1-B Speciality Occupation:
Evidence pertaining to Employer Employee Relationship
Evidence Pertaining to Proffered Position
Evidence Pertaining to Petitoner.

All together it was a 6 page RFE. I personally feel that my employer might have not given reply to the standard required. If he has replied properly, I think they would have given it.

MY ADVICE - Make sure that your employer gives reply for RFE as per the suggestion of attorney if you get an RFE. Many employers dont consider the attorney assuming that that they can handle the case.....but in the end its we whole are at GREAT LOSS. If required I would suggest, you hire an attorney with your money who will suggest employer how to reply for RFE.
Posted by sreesanu
22 Oct 2012 #5
Wish you Good Luck for all people who filed h1 this year. My employer filed my h1b petition as an inhouse project.
Posted by balajisadasiva
23 Oct 2012 #6
Sree - Sorry to hear that and your detailed description is really insightful. Are you saying that your employer responded to the RFE without consulting a lawyer. That would be a very bad idea and doing that would significantly jeopardize the success of the petition. Good luck Buddy !
Posted by sreesanu
23 Oct 2012 #7
@ Balajisadasiva - They initially told me that they have a ttorney but i seriously dbt now if they one bcoz when i showed the RFE which i was sent to my an attorney handling my other case, he told me that have done it with out attorney.

It is bcoz if they have sent the attorney then , adjacent to the box where we have WACXXXXXXXX number it should contain the address of attorney not employer.

SO IF THE ADDRESS is SENT TO EMPLOYER ADDRESS, THEN ITS EMPLOYER WHO HAS DONE & NOT ATTORNEY. Hence the best part is we hiring the attorney for H1b.

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