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H-1B case: Approved in 184 days (-97 days more than average)
10 Jul 2012
10 Jul 2012
04 Dec 2012
Employee employer relationship
07 Jan 2013
10 Jan 2013
184 days
21 Oct 2012
10 Jan 2013
"On January 10, 2013, your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER was approved." It was regular processing

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Posted by viviyer22
27 Nov 2012 #1
Hey...any updates to your case? my petition was received by USCIS a day prior to urs, no updates for my case yet . Still shows " Initial review".
Posted by jillman
27 Nov 2012 #2
No updates yet.
Posted by Amolv
14 Dec 2012 #3
Hey, did you receive the RFE documents yet?
Posted by jillman
14 Dec 2012 #4
Did not receive the RFE docs yet!
Posted by ambition10
10 Jan 2013 #5

What all documents did they ask for in your RFE and what all documents did you submit??

Posted by jillman
11 Jan 2013 #6
Client letter, SOW,payslips,employee history documents,deputation letter,offer letter,passport copy, I797 copy. I submitted all the documents.
Posted by ambition10
11 Jan 2013 #7
Did you see ur RFE document? OR are these documents were asked by your employer and then selected documents were only sent to USCIS based on ur RFE?
Posted by azert
11 Jan 2013 #8
Did you upgraded to premium processing when replied RFE
Posted by ambition10
13 Jan 2013 #9
Did you upgrade your case to premium processing with your RFE response?
Posted by Amolv
15 Jan 2013 #10
My visa is approved yesterday and my employeer says, it takes 3 weeks for them to send me notice. Does anyone knows by which method USCIS sends the approval notice? How many days it takes?
Posted by azert
15 Jan 2013 #11
They us regular USPS postal service which may take upto 10 business days
Posted by jillman
15 Jan 2013 #12
Sorry for the late reply. No i did not upgrade it to Premium.
ambition10 - The documents were asked by my employer.
Posted by ambition10
23 Jan 2013 #13
have you received the approval document from USCIS?

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