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H-1B case: Approved in 85 days (2 days less than average)
01 Apr 2013
08 Apr 2013
25 Jun 2013
85 days
23 May 2013
29 Jul 2013

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Posted by Vishfulthinkin
25 Jun 2013 #1
Looks like your Case is approved buddy! Congratulations
Posted by debiprosad2014
27 Jun 2013 #2
Yes buddy.Thanks
Posted by gvbalaji
01 Jul 2013 #3
Hi Congrats. Was your application filed through a Consultant or Direct Employer?
Posted by debiprosad2014
02 Jul 2013 #4
By direct employer
Posted by rajeb2apr2013
02 Jul 2013 #5
do you have a US masters degree?
Posted by madee321
11 Jul 2013 #6
congrats bro! do you have your schedule for visa interview yet?
Posted by debiprosad2014
12 Jul 2013 #7
Thanks madee. Till now I have no any update about interview, If you have some for the same then please let me know.
Posted by madee321
12 Jul 2013 #8
i'll let you know when i got news. thanks!
Posted by madee321
14 Aug 2013 #9
hi, i got the I-797 original copy sent to me via fedex last week. I am applying for DS-160 online now then when i am done i will call the embassy and request for visa interview. Just updating you ;). Do you have update on yours?
Posted by debiprosad2014
15 Aug 2013 #10
thanks madee, I got my interview confirmation via my working company,it is 18th for OFC and 19th for stamping.
Posted by madee321
15 Aug 2013 #11
hi debiprosad2014, congratulation to you! I hope everything goes well for you & your visa stamping. Best of luck to us all!
Posted by madee321
19 Aug 2013 #12
hi debiprosad2014, how did your stamping go? Can you please share with me your visa interview experience? My interview will be next monday. I'm crossing my fingers that everything went smooth & well for you. Best regards!
Posted by debiprosad2014
19 Aug 2013 #13
My visa is approved by US consulate,Kolkata.They asked me the following:
1. Client name
2. My Role
3. Onsite stay address
4. Current project desc in brief.
5. Are u married or not.

Interview duration : approx 1 minute and 30 sec.
Posted by madee321
19 Aug 2013 #14
Congratulations bro! Happy for you! Are you be working at the eastcoast or off site client's office?

My employer filed my H1B at vermont but work location is in calfornia. Our offices in US are located at eastcoast and have clients at the south. I will be working offsite at clients office. I worry a bit though as i did some research and some of it says that my employer should have had filed my petition at california cs since i will be working in california. Do you have input for this? Thanks & congrats again.
Posted by madee321
19 Aug 2013 #15
we asked our company lawyers as well and said there should be no issue for this matter. I hope so! (:
Goodluck on your journey to the US.

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