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H-1B case: Approved in 32 days (55 days less than average)
24 May 2013
31 May 2013
12 Jun 2013
Employment Details/Relation ship between Client/Vendor/Sub Vendor/Employer-->Employee Relation ship.And Org chart of Employer.
25 Jun 2013
32 days
31 May 2013
02 Jul 2013
Still i have My I-140 approved .I got only for 1 year of H1b EXtn.Last year also I had the same.I heard that When I-140 is approved I get 3 yrs of H1B Extn.Not sure how immigration is working.Lost too many dollars in H1b and DMV hassles in VA.

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Posted by dedogc
10 Jun 2013 #1
any update ?
Posted by green3card
02 Jul 2013 #2
It was a Premium processing and got an RFE.But i got 1 yr H1B Extn.Not sure how to over come this.
Posted by malax1925
02 Jul 2013 #3
Supposedly,it should've been 3 years.Did your lawyer included the approved I-140 in your h1b extension application this year?You already have the approval notice?My case was approved on June 27 and I don't have the approval notice as of today.I have an approved I-140 as well.
Posted by green3card
08 Jul 2013 #4
Hey Already i had approved I-140 in 2009 Jan ,and got 3 yrs in 2009 till 2012.Again I have applied H1B in 2012 and got 1 yr extn and expired on Jun2013.Again i have applied for H1B this year with Client letters and got an RFE.But any way Finally H!B is approved again for 1 yr although my employer says that he has attached I-140 while applying for H1B.Not sure every year we cannot afford to pay the money for every year H1B.Let me know your thoughts.
Posted by malax1925
08 Jul 2013 #5
Hi my I-140 has been approved since Nov 2007,my immigration lawyer included that in the H1B extension packet for this renewal period.I just got my Approval Notice in the mail today and they approved it for 3 years.For whatever it is worth,the same thing happened to me: first H1B was approved for only a year,2nd one approved for 6 months,one after that was the first 3 years and now this most recent one at 3 years.

I wonder what the client letter or SOW stated (was it 3 years as well?).How about the approved LCA?

Yes I know that is really an inconvenience and a lot of expense for both you and your employer.Not to mention the inconvenience of having your driver's license expiring on you and you're not able to drive until you get a hold of the Approval Notice.

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