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H-1B case: Approved in 7 days (80 days less than average)
17 Sep 2013
18 Sep 2013
24 Sep 2013
7 days
20 Sep 2013
24 Sep 2013
got into intital review stage on 18th and then into acceptance stage on 19th, I thought its the other way around always, anyways I hope to see it approved by next week. Approved .. wish you all best of luck!!

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Posted by rkand2
23 Sep 2013 #1
Any update so far?
Posted by immgrationhelp
23 Sep 2013 #2
no, I am not optimistic about it, joined a third class company, and left my big company job, I just talked to my old employer, and waiting to hear back from him, will join my old company if everything goes fine, big companies have much more job stability and legality than these small company thieves, though you dont get sweet talks from them , atleast they are truthful to you and dont play with your needs.
Posted by rkand2
23 Sep 2013 #3
I hear you bro... Hope everything works out well for you. You will go back to your old company then... even if this petition gets approved?
I am moving from 1 big company to another... H1B capping out in October 2014 and the new guys are recapturing about 2.5 months from my vacation with the H1B transfer petition. My crap needs to go through crashing...PERM+I-140..etc... This immigration loop is vicious.
Posted by immgrationhelp
23 Sep 2013 #4
well I am still waiting to hear from them , I hope they say yes, thats the best option , worst case is I get RFE and they say no. All the best to you..have you already joined the new company?
Posted by rkand2
24 Sep 2013 #5
I haven't joined the new company yet.. waiting for the approval notice. I did not even pack my things...or put my home on market yet. :-)
Thanks for your wishes.. I wish you the best and hopefully you have both the approval notice as well as your old job back.
Posted by geniusavi
24 Sep 2013 #6
Hey Budd,

How long from clock stopped to approval? My clock stopped yesterday and since then its just in "Initial review" stage and the clock has stopped. Making me sceptical of an RFE.
Posted by immgrationhelp
24 Sep 2013 #7
hopefully you should get an approval, or you can check with your employer if they got anything, I have read posts where the status changed to approval after three days, there's no predictability about time frames, uscis doesn't seem to be so timely when it comes to updating status online
Posted by rkand2
25 Sep 2013 #8
That's very possible. Hopefully you'll be approved today. Pack your things bro.:-)
Posted by lazylazy
14 Nov 2013 #9
Hi, in how many days did you receive the approval letter after your application was approved?

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